making of a brandbassador

There’s no shortage of mockery of the feel-good moment in social media.

Those outside of the know consider it to be the only demonstrative ROI social media brings. While that’s not true (and is the subject of an entirely different debate altogether), there’s something to be said for going after those feel-good moments.

Why? Because providing them to your customers is the best path to earning word of mouth in the real world and in the digital space.

A chart, to add credibility to the claim:

Reasons people recommend brands

When asked why they’d recommend a brand, product, or service to their own networks, people ranked having a good experience above all other reasons – above bragging rights (i.e. “I want others to know I’m knowledgable about certain brands”) and above gimmicks and incentives (i.e. “I get a reward for doing this – so add me to your virtual pet store/farm/whatever”).

Though this isn’t rocket science, it’s all-too-often overlooked in the strategic war room. But the brands that get it, also get the customers.

Above all else, love your customers. Give them a great experience, a wonderful product, a memorable service.

They’ll thank you with their wallets, and then they’ll thank you with their words.

[Image: .reid.]