Today’s advertising campaigns have dramatically changed since the last century, a mere 12 years ago. Advertising agencies also have changed. With the continued upsurge of social media and technological advances in the presentation of product advertising, the astute advertising agency will also have to change in order to stay relevant and innovative.

In the not so distant future, an advertising agency will become more involved with social media websites. Software and hardware will become more prominent in their distribution of advertising not only online but through electronic devices and even the U.S. mail.

In previous years, some politicians sent DVDs to homes through the U.S. mail. The concept was relatively new and certainly innovative. No doubt, there was an advertising agency behind the idea, and rightfully so. Software is destined to become the new paper and with the development and expansion of electronic devices, software will eventually change formats much like records changed to CDs. In the future, an effective advertising agency will need to adopt and adapt.

The advertising agencies of the future must adopt and adapt to sites like Facebook and others to inspire consumers to examine products. Especially since a person can access the internet with electronic devices, linking ads to Facebook and other sites will be imperative.

Of course, many users will pay extra for apps that can circumvent or avoid commercial advertising. However, the smart thinking ad exec will link up with those app producing companies and discover ways to make a profit on those users as well.

All in all, future advertising agencies will need to reexamine their campaigns and even retool their entire way of enticing consumers. It may be an expensive venture but in the long run, it will be very rewarding.