When creating engaging content for your audience it’s important to remember that there are no boundaries when it comes to utilizing different platforms and types of content. This week’s brands prove that branded content can be more than just your basic blog or infographic, and that even the most corporate of communications can be manipulated into content to share with your audience.

Warby Parker & MailChimp –  2012 Annual Report

Here are two examples of how a boring annual report can be manipulated into a great piece of sharable content.

Warby Parker 

This startup has really gained momentum this past year as a stylish option for eyewear among the young hipster crowd. Their 2012 annual report shows off more than just sales numbers, it gives great insight into the culture of the company. Photos, fun facts, and interactive elements sprinkled throughout the report show just how fun and friendly Warby Parker can be. Who wouldn’t want to buy glasses from a brand that sold 296 monocles and consumed 2,507 pounds of salad in a year?


MailChimp also did a great job of creating a simple, visually appealing, and quirky annual report. To advertise this particular piece of content, they used a promoted tweets campaign which is how I happened to come across it. The data they present is easy to digest and, like Warby Parker, they include fun facts about employees thus adding to the transparency of the company. They also include cat photos. Who doesn’t love cat photos?

Foursquare  – Interactive Map

This is a very cool infographic/map hybrid that appeared on the Foursquare blog this past week. It shows the exact locations of the last 500,000,000 check-ins that have occurred world-wide over the last three months. It’s simple in its presentation of data, but beautiful nevertheless. The blog the map is connected to is also quite fascinating. It details all the ways Foursquare is using our check-in data to personalize suggestions and create up-to-date location maps of the whole world. Sounds like big things are on the horizon for the mobile app.

CreativeFeed – Behind the Buzzwords Tumblr

As marketers, we are constantly bombarded with a ton of buzzwords, but we don’t always have a clear grasp on what they mean or how others are using them in the industry. In order to help clarify a few of 2013’s most confusing buzzwords, marketing firm CreativeFeed created a tumblr filled with cute illustrations and helpful descriptions from industry insiders. It’s a great piece of branded content that marketers will appreciate.

As always, I hope these examples have inspired you to go out and create some branded content of your own! Just remember that it’s totally acceptable to think outside the box. If you have a suggestion for another branded content campaign you believe I should cover, please feel free to mention it in the comments!