Research has shown that 70% of Americans are unhappy at work. And guess what that does to businesses? It causes causes them to lose up to $550 billion dollars a year. Yeah, billion.

Just because a vast majority of companies fail at making their employees happy doesn’t mean some aren’t succeeding, though. Businesses all across the country, from chic art galleries in New York City to startups in Austin, have taken initiative to improve workplace happiness through teamwork exercises. According to Brian Scudmore of Forbes, teamwork exercise “builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.”

Teamwork exercises have become so popular they’ve started appearing in pop culture as well. In the last season of my favorite show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and his policeman unit visit “Escape the Room,” a fictional version of the Los Angeles and New York City recreational space, Escape Room. At Escape Room, coworkers are locked in a room where they have to solve a series of puzzles in order to, you guessed it, escape the room. A former Escape Room employee explained to me that the goal of these exercises is for workers to “engage with out of work activities that allows them to reinforce and reassess what they contribute to the workplace.”

In my numerous years of being a CEO, I have always taken pride in creating a workplace environment that both increases employee happiness and company productivity. My hero Albert Einstein once said. “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.” I aim to set an example for other companies by creating an inclusive, relaxed, and yet efficient workplace environment. Here are five things I do to create a stronger and happier team:

1) Weekly Team Lunches:

Bon Apetit! Between us, this is my favorite time of the week. Since San Francisco undoubtedly has the best food in the entire country, we use this as an opportunity to not only get to know each other, but to indulge in the local delicacies and treats.

2) Team Happy Hours and Games:

This was really cool during the 2016 election! Every time there was an election event, we projected CNN in the main room, ordered a keg of our favorite craft brew and played a fun bingo game written by our content team. Example: When Wolf Blitzer readjusts his glasses, drink!

3) Funny Slack Channels

Like most 21st century workplaces, a lot of our communication happens digitally. In order to make things more light-hearted, I encourage funny Slack channels and often communicate via GIFs. Nothing says “yes, I got your MS Excel Spreadsheet” like a GIF of a cat waking up from a nap!

4) Quirky Office Decorations

When I hire someone, I always want to know what makes them a unique individual. So, at our San Francisco office, I encourage all of my employees to decorate their workspaces however they like. Often, employees work together in designing a brighter, quirkier office. Right now ours is filled with toy dinosaurs, lava lamps and Christmas lights!

5) Team Bonding Trips

Every Spring, my company goes to Napa Valley to relax and most importantly, get to know which coworkers prefer Red and which White wine. By building social rapport with all the employees, our workplace is friendlier and more joyful!