Meet John – or Mary, or Tom, or Vijay – the (brand) evangelist – a critical part of your employee advocacy strategy.

No, I am not talking about a Bible-like evangelist. I’m talking about an even more efficient way of spreading the word about your company – the social media evangelist who sits inside your business.

Employee Evangelists @GerryMoran Tap The Heavenly Power Of Employee Evangelists

He works for your company and has an entirely different social network that can be reached by your business’s owned for paid channels.

If you unleash the power of your company’s individual evangelists within an employee advocacy strategy, then you will reap many rewards!

The Employee Advocacy Research Suggests Everyone’s Looking For An Evangelist

  • 92% of customers want individual coworkers to be subject matter experts (Source: IDC)
  • Customers trust content from a company’s coworker vs. content coming directly from a company (Source: Edelman Trust Barometer)
  • 75% want to engage with your coworkers on social media (Source: IBM)

This research strongly suggests your customers are looking for authentic interactions and content from your co-workers – instead of a faceless brand. They need to place a humanizing face to your brand. Tapping the power of your evangelists uses earned media to drive real business impact.

How To Tap The Heavenly Power of Your Evangelists

1. Articulate a clear Governance policy to your evangelists. Make sure you articulate the dos and don’ts of what to share and what not to share!

2. Teach your social media evangelists to fish. Create a Center of Excellence or a set of training sessions to show your coworkers how to Tweet, post and engage with social media to ensure your earned media is working as hard as it can for your brand

3. Gamify the experience. Give our Social Media Rock Star awards or points to acknowledge positive behavior to be modeled!

Do you have the idea to share to help our community enable more evangelists with an employee advocacy plan? If so, please share below!

The Real Lesson Learned From An Employee Advocacy Program

Teaching your coworkers how to fish by using social media to spread the good word of your brand will return your investment tenfold – at least! Introducing the concepts of earned media and how to use one’s personal networks will expand the reach of and engagement with your brand.

So, help your employees go forth and multiply the impact of your brand by introducing a little rigor to the evangelism … and employee advocacy plan!