As a 46-year old male of the species with a dwindling amount of hair on my head, the opportunity to get a haircut that makes me feel like I rock is quite enticing I must say.

That was the feeling I derived when I first heard about the new branding campaign for Supercuts.

Created by GMR Marketing and Element 79 and aptly titled “Rock the Cut,” it is in short, a new look for the classic brand, and a very cool example of how emerging artists and mainstream brands are teaming up to help one another out.

In speaking with the key players behind the campaign the idea to use music as the soundtrack of this campaign was what brought it altogether.

“It really rests on the idea that there’s immense marketing power in pairing everyday brands with something as emotional and provocative as music,” said Jamie Hannah, Director of Public Relations at GMR Marketing. “It immediately changes a person’s relationship with and the perception of the brand, and lets them connect with it in a more meaningful way. ”

There is an emotional element Supercuts wants to tap into and Janelle Schulenberg, Brand Director at Supercuts, believes “the right music affects your attitude, just like the right haircut does. Music is expressive and so is how you wear your hair.”

As to how the bands and artists were selected to appear in the advertising, Ryan Heuser, Senior Director of Music & Entertainment at GMR Marketing, told me the idea was to cast a wide net.

“We focused on emerging acts across genres, specifically Indie Rock, Country, Electronic, R&B/ Soul, to broaden the appeal of the campaign and reach a wide audience.”

To date, over 700 Artist Ambassadors, as they are being referred to, have been culled so far from many more who wanted to spread the word about Supercuts’ commitment to new music and have the chance to gain national exposure for their music.

Unfortunately for me and those in my age demo it appears ours is not the haircut that is subject to rock as Chris Laubach, Creative Director at Element 79 told me the initial idea for “Rock the Cut” came to him from a team of young creative twenty-somethings who were “right in the target for the brand.” And that they “were proof that music is a big part of their lives and could create a strong emotional connection with Supercuts.”

That’s ok, with as little hair as I have, asking someone to leave me with a cut that makes me feel like I rock may be even too much ask of anyone.

Ok, so what do you think of this campaign?

Will watching one of these commercials makes you want to run and get a rocking hair cut?

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