You’ve put together a well branded and fast loading website, have an active social media presence to establish your brand and are committed to writing quality articles for your company blog, but you and management have been less than impressed with the traffic? It’s a common situation that many businesses find themselves in. Often it’s due to lack of exposure to their website.

Many times a lack of a budget to spend on advertising and marketing is what limits the potential for significant exposure. Luckily, there are a myriad of fairly inexpensive ways you can increase your company’s brand awareness on the web.

Sponsor A Charity Event

Charity events are a great way to generate interest for your business. They also improve your brand’s image by being associated with a worthwhile cause. In addition to the charity attendees getting exposed to your business, there are media outlets there covering the charity event. Publishing an article, review or video footage and a link on the charity’s website to your business is a nice bonus.

Run A Contest

One of the more popular and successful ways businesses get exposure is by running contests and using social media to create buzz for your contest and business. Social media contests where people get the most likes on Facebook, the most retweets on Twitter, +1’s on Google+ and even reposts on Instagram in order to get entries in the contest is easy to manage. Plus, this kind of contest has the potential to become viral due to your contest getting more exposure with all the social shares.

Participate In A Community Project

Doing volunteer work is a great way to be of value to your community beyond what you sell or services your company offers. Our company, Nimlok, every year is a part of a clean up day for a river close to the corporate headquarters. Not only are you and the company getting the benefit of contributing to the local community, there is often media coverage and press in the local papers online and offline.

Offer A Branded Giveaway

My friend Gary Vaynerchuk used to giveaway wristbands to people who were watching his WineLibraryTV show. This kind of marketing gets people promoting your business while wearing your merchandise on the street or even taking pictures of themselves with your giveaway and using your hashtag, if you’ve got one to share via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc..

Remargeting Campaigns

Remargeting campaigns are a great tactic to keep your business in the minds and eyes of people who have visited your website. Retargeting works by showing visitors to your websites, ads that you’ve created for your website to show up after they’ve left. This type of marketing is a powerful way to build your brand over time because they see your ads on sites, they become familiar with your offers, products and services. You can even incentivize those ads with something offered for free or a discount for ordering by a certain date.

Getting exposure for your brand doesn’t have to be hard or cost a lot of money. There are a lot of marketing tactics that you can implement that can result in more traffic to your website and the increased exposure of your brand.