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Successful Corporate Branding with This Brand Strategy Guide

For a new brand in the market, it is essential to learn how to build brand awareness for your product. For people to buy your products, they must know it exist and how it works. Several ways exist to help people recognize and know your brand. Advertising takes many shapes and is available over many platforms. For example, you can advertise in stores, on signs, at events, and online. Getting great web designers to design your website is the first thing you should get. Take the time to ask and answer these questions to yourself in order to get the most out of your brand, stick with the same image, colors, and fonts over all platforms. Here are seven ways on how to build brand awareness

Excellent customer service


One way to promote brand awareness is good customer service. Your customers are the biggest promoters of your products. If the services offered excite them, then they are likely to come back and also talk about your products to their friends. Word of mouth advertising accounts for a large percentage of sales, and it’s FREE! Some of the ways to ensure good customer service are:

  • Patience-take time to figure out exactly what your customer wants and provide it. Be patient and wait until they have made up their minds about what they want.
  • Attentiveness-listen to them, when you pay attention, you will understand the product they need, and you will not disappoint by bringing or selling them something they do not want.
  • Know your product. When you know your product you can confidently explain it to a potential buyer, and they can buy and even bring more customers to you.
  • Interact with them. Communicating with your clients is important because you understand the markets view of your product and how to improve on it.
  • Positive attitude. Customers may get agitated at times, do not get angry, be positive and calm them down. Don’t be rude.

Use social media


With the latest advancements in technology, social media has become the largest platform where you can find your customers for each and every one of your products. Create a Facebook page or an Instagram account for brand advertising for your products. If you follow many people, they will recognize your products through these pages thus creating a brand Image. Images are the most efficient and the best way to ensure that people remember your product. People tend to remember images more.

Also, ensure you engage your potential clients. They may comment asking about the products, do not shy away from answering them. This is your chance for brand advertising and to let the readers and followers know about your products.

Consider online promotions and drawings. Many companies have great success by asking customers to comment, like, and share a specific image to be entered to win a prize. The bonus for you is that their friends see your brand and may share the image too!



While people may use online advertising methods more nowadays, old-fashioned brand advertising methods are still efficient in the promotion of brand awareness. Use billboards, business cards, promotions and campaigns. Business card are effective in promoting brand awareness in that you provide contact about your business, and you can hand them out anywhere you see a potential buyer and can get a chance to explain about your business in person.

Billboards are large and hard to miss. Billboards typically portray a large image, and like mentioned earlier people tend to remember images. More people will read and remember a billboard than a small sign in a window. Make sure to place these billboards in a good location, either close to your business, or close to a related business.

Radio and TV commercials. This is another way of creating a brand recognition. People watch TV shows and listen to the radio for several hours each day. By airing ads on both, people will begin to hear and see your name over and over. Catch commercials have people singing them or talking about them to their friends. Aim for something they will remember! Again visual images are memorable.

Sponsor events

Another way to ensure your brand is recognized is by sponsoring events, such as rallies, roadshows, and charity events. Every event handles sponsorship differently, but most will post your logo in exchange for a small fee. This money is then used to fund the event. Most events have different levels of sponsorship, starting with a business card sized spot in the program and increasing to billboard sized signs hanging in an arena. Having your logo and brand in these events will be creating brand awareness. More people will see and want to try your brand. Look into sponsoring events that your target customers will be attending.

Ensure your products are always available in stores


When people are shopping, they can look at products and decide which one to buy. Ensure that your products are always available in stores and have attractive promotions and campaigns to attract the customers. Work with store managers and marketing directors to find the optimal location for your product. Aim for an end cap or center aisle. Shoppers cannot help but notice these places and often look here for deals and new products. As customers see your brand, they will start to recognize it and will begin to look for it. Consider a display next to items related to your product. You can offer a buy one get free offer. This will attract the attention of smart shoppers and get your brand recognized.

Use the web.


The web is almost the greatest method of advertising nowadays. Get good app developers to help you in creating a good blog and describing your product to help create awareness. Also creating an excellent website from web designers can be a way to attract attention and promote brand awareness to your product. A website will have every single detail about your product where customers can refer to when they have questions or concerns about the product you are selling. Good app developers can also help create your website. Think about where your ideal customers will go online and advertise in those specific locations. Make sure your advertisement points back to your main website. Hire someone familiar with web searches and the language required for your site to be found. Many people looking for a product find it by a quick Internet search. You want to be one of the number one search results!

Partnership with other companies.


You may find that your products relate to other businesses that are not your competition. For instance, if you are a ladies clothes store you may partner with a ladies shoe store because your consumers are the same. The shoe store that may have already established its brand will help create awareness for your cloth line. Choose your partners wisely and allow them to advertise in your store in exchange for your marketing in their location. Offer discounts to employees so they can try your products and recommend them to current and future customers. Word of mouth from a reputable source can dramatically increase your sales.


Learn how to build brand awareness for your brand today and expand your business. Your business could grow overnight if each one of these steps is carefully followed. Get good web designers and get your website ready.