Seattle, Washington-based Starbucks Corp., the world’s largest coffee chain, unveiled their new logo yesterday.  The previous logo is into its 40th year of use and has not been changed since Starbucks went public in 1992.

According to reports from Reuters, the new logo drops the Starbucks name as well as the word “coffee.”  The outer circle is also removed from the design, though it still features the trademark siren–a mythological half-human creature that enticed sailors to their deaths.

The cause of the change was said to be plans of diversification.  While Starbucks made a name for itself with its coffees, it may decide to create products that do not contain coffee.

This change was met with some resistance, however, as many Starbucks fans took to the website and expressed disapproval.  The new logo is planned to step onto the scene in March.  It will slowly be introduced first through paper products like cups and napkins before becoming more uniformly used.