Malcolm Levene and I gave a taster Personal Branding from the Inside Out seminar for JCI London, at the London Chamber of Commerce. As our workshops are normally full-day and in this instance we only had 90 minutes, we had to focus in on a few bits of content relevant to the audience at JCI.

If you haven’t heard of JCI, it’s is a volunteer network for people in their 20s and 30s. Run by its own members, it is nearly 100 years old and exists in more than 100 countries. Many of those who have ‘graduated’ from JCI have become great leaders, famous alumni are Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, Kofi Annan and half of the Japanese parliament (Big in Japan in other words).

Both Malcolm and I had a great time and hope to see plenty of JCIers at our Personal Branding workshops in future. Here is a summary of the slides we used for the presentation:

Personal Branding Taster Seminar at JCI London Chamber of Commerce

This is me talking about social media (shot on an iPhone):

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