In a fair world we wouldn’t worry about trademarks. We would all play nice and there would be no copy-cats intentional or otherwise. But let’s face it – business is usually not fair. If you have a great idea, you need to protect it or someone else may try to benefit.

Adding a Trademark Protects Your Investment

Adding a Trademark Protects Your Investment

Trademarks for logos are fairly simple to acquire. I recently trademarked my Pilates business logo for just $20 and this holds for five years. Yes, you will need to fill out some paperwork and also get a notary to sign it but in the grand scheme – protecting your investment is worth a little time and effort.  You will also need to make sure someone else doesn’t already have a similar trademark in your space.

If you don’t trademark, what are the risks?

  • Your competition can hang a shingle using a knock off of your logo. This will confuse clients and potential clients. If you invest in marketing will you get credit or send them to your competition. Don’t expect your clients to notice subtle nuances. We connect with a color or a shape. Think about logos you know – how do you describe them?
  • YOU run the risk of looking like the copycat! Will the public know who had the logo first – probably not! Do you want people to say “Oh- yeah-that’s just like competitor X!”
  • The value of your investment is diminished. What makes your company unique and ownable is partially your branding. If you look like everyone else – you are less unique and ownable!

Branding in and of itself is an investment.  If you are going to make that investment and you want to work for you and last you need to claim it as yours. Trademarks protect your investment and are fairly simple to acquire. Take the time and make the investment. It’s a lot simpler than redesigning!