Who hasn’t heard of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian? They may not be close to the likes of Julia Roberts or Cameron Diaz, but they sure know how to stay in the news. Closer home, we have our very own Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey who are constantly vying for attention. But whilst all of us may not want to become the next controversial queens (or kings), it is still worthwhile understanding the methods these stars use to remain in the limelight. Here’s something that will make you sit up and take notice. Whilst they may not be raking in the moolah to the level of a Kareena Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra, rest assured that these celebrities are earning in crores through all their performances, ribbon cuttings and other endeavours.

The first thing that one can learn from these celebrities is that they know themselves very well. Therein lies their greatest advantage because they know what their strengths and weaknesses are. This allows them to operate in niches which have been neglected by the bigger stars. Hence, the first lesson of personal branding is self-evaluation, to know exactly where you stand. You can then build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. It also helps that these stars have a never-say-die attitude when it comes to pursuing what they want. The second lesson of personal branding then is to be relentless in the pursuit of your goal. And this means making every effort to make the right contacts and remain updated in your sphere of work.

Finally, these stars, as wayward as their lives may seem, have a disciplined approach to marketing themselves. This is the third lesson of personal branding. Yes, they do end up in controversies, but they also live by the axiom that any publicity is good publicity. As professionals, you need not pursue controversies, but you can develop a strategy to get publicity in your field. Here, technology can be a great resource, especially blogging and social media which can spread your reach far and wide. If you can devote a specific amount of time to utilizing these tools, it can work wonders for your professional life. But the key is to do it consistently and over a long period of time. And the last lesson is that these stars know how to grab opportunities with both hands.

Follow these simple lessons to shine like the stars.