Now that April has arrived, my travel schedule has finally calmed down but just for this month – and in light of the Jet Blue incident during which a pilot had an in-flight meltdown and had to be subdued by passengers, I couldn’t be happier to be grounded. Reading the details of the event were chilling, especially given how much time I’ve spent airborne these past couple of weeks.

However, I was buoyed by the immediate and brave reactions of the co-pilot and the passengers, and while 64% of the Facebook and Twitter chatter expressed shock in the March 31st installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, there was still a 20% chunk that praised those who responded so courageously. Another 6% were fearful to fly again, and 10% took a light-hearted approach, making jokes out of the situation. For a bit of levity after a scary situation, I thought I’d pull out some more of the lighter comments:

I hear you have to pay an extra fee with Jet Blue if you want a pilot that is not insane.

I do not envy Jet Blue’s PR people this week.

With all the people getting tackled on Jet Blue flights these days, the NFL needs to put scouts on all of their flights.

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