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A logo is one of the most important aspects of any company. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this. A good logo says a lot about any particular company. Many people recognize any particular company because of its logo. For example, who does not recognize Mercedes by the look of its logo? Companies such as Mercedes and Johnnie Walker are companies that have capitalized on this issue to become better brands. As a matter of fact, it has been argued that many companies have capitalized on this factor to become bigger and better brands. In my profession, I meet many people who want to improve their brands and increase their visibility in the corporate market. For this reason, I believe it is necessary for me, using my many years of experience to outline some of the key tricks for creating an impressive logo.

Use clear font

A good font is one of the most important aspects of a logo and that is where many people go wrong. A good logo should capitalize on visibility in either digital media or when printed. In this, it is important to note that a logo does not exist only to be placed in a website. In many cases, companies use logos as their letterhead to ensure authenticity of their documents. In logo design, the right type of font to use depends on the nature of the company. For many official logos, such as those of law firms, it is recommended to use simple logos which are not curly. On the other hand, logos which target a younger market could have curled or handwritten fonts. However, as I noted above, the logo designer should keep in mind what his product should look like when it is printed.

Create a simple logo

Three years ago I decided to do a simple unscientific research on some of the biggest companies in the world. In the research, I wanted to find out the brand visibility of the companies. Among the things I compared, was how the logos of these companies look like. To my surprise, of all the companies I looked at, a majority of them had very simple logos. Of the companies I looked at were: Volkswagen, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Facebook among others. In addition, a look at all the fortune 500 companies it is clear that all the major companies have very simple logos.

Seek the services of a professional

A place where many people go wrong is when they put their trust to the free (do it yourself) companies to design their logos. For me, I have always been opposed to these companies. I believe that a logo is very important to be left to these companies. The services of a professional Logo/graphic designer are very important as they brings with them years of experience in the design process. Any professional logo designer should provide his clients with more than 2 copies of the logo to chose one of them. Failure to which, his services should not be approved by any company.

When the above techniques are used I believe that it is possible to have a good logo to represent your brand. To finish, I hereby present my top five logos of all time from major companies: Johnie walker, Promo Code 4 Share, Mercedes, Bugatti and Apple.