Everything changes. The leaves in Fall change. The weather changes. And, sometimes your business changes too. It’s normal business growth and the change, or putting it another way, the evolution is not something to fear. As the saying goes, change is good so don’t allow your pride and ego to get in the way of the end goal – many companies go on to experience tremendous success after a rebrand.

Think about it, originally, when you decided to create your business and pick a name, look, and the feel that you wanted to convey to customers and clients, you were in it for the long run, right? Nothing was going to get in your way and get you off message. Boy, you had it all figured out…until you didn’t.

We recently shared our own experience with “the change”. The dreaded “R” word – rebrand. For us, over time it had become clear we had “outgrown” our name. We were no longer just a Public Relations agency. We were much more than that. The team’s experiences morphed us into a kick ass marketing communications agency, we provided our clients services beyond PR. Williams Group Public Relations provided traditional PR, media relations, event and marketing and branding support, and social media – to name a few. Once the idea was floated we then spent a lot of time researching, designing, screaming, poking fun at ourselves and revisiting the idea then ultimately launching our new company: The Frame Shop – a marketing communications agency.


It’s not as easy as I just outlined but if you feel like we did then there’s no time to waste. Here are our 5 top reasons to consider as you explore a company rebrand:

  1. You’ve outgrown your original scope of work and offer services beyond what you set out to do
  2. You feel that your current company name no longer tells prospective clients what services you provide
  3. The name invokes confusion and holds you back
  4. Your rebrand has infused a jolt of enthusiasm and energy into your staff
  5. You share a similar name as a competitor

I hope this helped settle your nerves and allows you to make an informed decision. Partner with other experts that will put your best face forward to ensure success. And in our case, be sure to follow us on our journey as we continue to help our clients move beyond the clutter and noise and grow their businesses.