A logo can make the difference between failure and success. A creatively designed logo will raise brand awareness, allowing brands to become increasingly popular as word travels. Although a brand logo may not seem that important, this small little symbol will have a huge impact on brand success. Here are some important factors to think about when creating a winning logo.

Invest time and effort

A winning logo undoubtedly requires time and effort above all. Before designing a great logo companies should be prepared to sit down and discuss their ideas. Creative processes cannot be rushed so brands should beware that coming up with a superb logo may take more time than expected. With everyone working together to create a winning logo however, the process is bound to be full of fun and laughter.

Create an eye catching design

A winning logo must be eye-catching. Although small, it must stand out from the crowd and have a striking appeal on its audience. From using bold fonts and bright colours to designing a unique and creative work of art, a brand logo needs to immediately capture the attention of those passing by. The logo also needs to be apparent wherever and whenever promotion takes place. From appearing on billboard posters to TV ads, logos should instantly aim to capture audience attention, acting as a narrative hook and making them want to find out more about the brand.

Make it memorable

In addition to being eye-catching, logos need to also be memorable. Whilst drawing in an audience is crucial, keeping their attention is equally as important. Logos should stick in people’s minds as prominent as song lyrics; it is vital that they remember exactly what the brand logo is like. With the logo image concreted in potential client’s minds, they will be intrigued to find out further information concerning the brand and all it stands for and aims to achieve.

Ensure it is representative of brand

When creating a logo, companies should think about the symbolic connection it has to the brand itself. Making an artistic and creative logo is great, but if it has no connection to the brand itself, the logo is useless. Companies should think about how the logo design represents the brand. Upon looking at a logo, an audience must have a vague idea of what the brand is about. For instance, shoe brands will often use the image of a shoe intertwined with other elements to represent their brand so that those looking at the logo immediately realise the connotations it supplies

Make it Inspirational

The best logos are those that are inspirational. Not only are these logos eye-catching but they also inspire people with the idea and concept that lies behind them. Logos which show a truly amazing design and brilliant creativity, will not only inspire potential clients and customers but will also inspire the competition. Creating a logo which inspires competitive companies to up their game, will reassure brands that they are heading for success.


Creating a winning logo requires true creativity. From designing a striking and unique image to making it representative of the brand itself, there are several factors to consider when creating a logo. With sufficient time and effort put in brands will able to make a fantastic logo which puts them on the path to success.

Image Credits: captcreate and ERN