From recipe adjustments to store and logo redesigns, Domino’s has for years been working through its brand identity crisis. A few years ago, the company took a considerable risk by rallying around a campaign that openly acknowledged its past performance mistakes.

Since the 2009 “Pizza Turnaround” campaign, Domino’s has gradually reclaimed rapport with its customers. While the brand focused on what they were producing and how, one essential question was left unanswered: who is eating Domino’s pizza?

Domino's PoweredbyPizza Brand campaign shift

The answer is simple. According to their latest “Powered by Pizza” campaign, it’s the innovators, students, and creatives whose late nights and constant productivity is fueled by Domino’s.

In an age of self-motivated startups and ceaseless entrepreneurship, does the brand’s bold shift work? Using ForSight’s social media analysis capabilities, we explored how Twitter users were engaging with #poweredbypizza to determine the campaign’s success.

ForSight analyzed over 2,000 relevant tweets from August 5 to September 12. The overall consumer response was largely positive, as 94% of the social conversation was positive opinions.

Initially, companies used the hashtag to thank Domino’s for its support. Several tweets using the hashtag mentioned the “Pizzavestments” offer, which tasks the company with awarding 30 startups across the US with Domino’s gift cards.

Powered by Pizza Brand Campaign Opinion Analysis

ForSight also reveals that consumers genuinely identify with the message behind the campaign. The segment of people inspired by and engaging with the #poweredbypizza message represents the largest portion — the largest slice, we could say – of the overall social conversation. Users who find the ad relatable account for 44% of the #poweredbypizza discussion. This proportion of the conversation has increased 79% since August 5 and represents the majority of tweets in the last two weeks.

Powered by Pizza Brand Campaign Proportion of Posts

This campaign is pretty awesome. Shows @dominos is really paying attention to their buyer personas! Our team is definitely #poweredbypizza

— Remington Begg (@RemingtonBegg) September 1, 2013

Pizza lovers flock to Twitter to discuss their own personal “powered by pizza” moments and to generally praise the ad. However, despite the strong positive response, only 2% of tweets allude to a craving or the actual purchase of Domino’s pizza.

Around 6% of the conversation using the hashtag criticized the ad campaign. When looking specifically at the negative conversation, most criticisms referred to a joke made in the commercial that “no one’s coming up with world-changing ideas over halibut.” Some users were personally offended by the jab at the fish and saw it as a poor move by the company.

Powered by Pizza Brand Campaign Word Cluster

Hey, #poweredbypizza – SUCK IT! I live in #Alaska – and WE ARE #POWEREDBYHALIBUT – jobs, industry & plates. End your campaign against us.

— Shannyn Moore (@shannynmoore) August 7, 2013

Despite some criticisms, the campaign has resonated with consumers who relate to the concept of late nights of creation and innovation powered by pizza. While the ad may not provoke an immediate craving for Domino’s, it finds its footing by creating an image of being energized by pizza amongst a youthful and receptive audience.