Social networking sites have truly changed the way people interact and communicate with each other. In the past, when you had some news to share, you called or texted people to announce it. Simply update your Facebook or Twitter account so that all your friends and followers can immediately know the news.

Sharing has never been easier, since with just one click, you can immediately deliver the information to hundreds of your friends. No need to spend time dialing on your cell phone or going on a text brigade – social media keeps everyone updated about your life with your entries.

But perhaps the problem with social networking sites is the fact that we’ve become so complacent about it. Since it has become an extension of our lives, we tend to post any random thought we have in it. This has led to a lot of posts that complain, are whiny, and are really negative. We experience a bad day at work, and we immediately tweet about it or vent out in Facebook. A small problem immediately gets bigger the minute we broadcast it on our social media accounts.

When it comes to your personal brand, it is really important to be positive. After all, who would you rather spend the day with, someone who will whine and complain the whole day, or someone who’s very cheerful and happy? People always have two ways of looking at things: positively or negatively. Nobody wants to be with a person who’s always full of doom and gloom – after all, negative feelings can be contagious.

When you feel and act positive, then you encourage a positive energy and atmosphere around you. There is really something so wonderful about a person who’s always smiling and who’s always willing to help out others. Instead of whining or complaining about something, they take steps to do something about the situation. After all, whining never got anybody anywhere.

Truly, you may be surprised at the huge difference in your personal branding campaign if you focus on the positive instead of the negative. Just the idea of trying to help at least one person a day can really help you become the go-to person in your chosen niche.

Of course, sometimes there are just people out there who are full of negativity and just want to spread their feelings to everyone. These people hide behind fake accounts and post disparaging remarks on your blog or site.

Or perhaps, there are those in your friends list, who are always negative, always upset and always ending up with the short end of the stick.

The best way to deal with these people is to ignore them. Don’t let them affect you. These people obviously have way too much time on their hands, which is why they’re doing these things instead of doing something constructive.

What you should focus on is the positive. Your personal branding campaign can really benefit a lot by being cheerful and helpful to others. People will flock to you since they know that you’re going to make them feel good, and because you’re not the type to whine and complain the whole day.

When you positively affect your personal brand, you will definitely be appreciated more by people. With the endless complaining and whining out there, your positive, cheerful nature is going to be like a ray of sunshine in a cloudy day, and the reason why people will always follow and befriend you.

Author: Maria Elena Duron, is managing editor of the Personal Branding Blog and is also the CEO (chief engagement officer) of buzz2bucks.coma word of mouth marketing firm. She helps create connection, credibility, community and cha-ching through mobile marketing and social commerce around your brand. She is co-founder of #brandchat – a weekly twitter chat focused on every aspect of branding.