Pinterest has opened the eyes of social media addicts the world over with its boards of fancy. This isn’t your junior high cafeteria staged with your life on a poster board. Which your mom helped you pull together at the last minute on Sunday. No offense to the girl shown below as I am sure she worked extremely hard on this amazing three part display.

Girl with Poster Board Presentation

If you’ve kept your eye off of this wonderful world of everything imaginable, then it is time to give it a try. There is something for everyone from how to create your own tub and shower magic cleaner (SPOILER: The secret is Vinegar) to luxury department stores like Bergdorf Goodman. You can spend hours on this site. I like to just gaze until you have cute overload. It might be your time do what early adapters do and jump in on the fun.


My Boards on Pinterest are my loves, inspiration station, and my mega life wishlist all rolled into one. As a Fashion Blogger my life is all about the visual content I can share. If used for good (actually evil) you can create an amazing following that drives eyes back to your blog, e-commerce, or company website. Which at the end of the day is what we are all looking for; a vast collection of eye-balls. We want to continue to find create ways to connect with our audience. If you have great photography, images, or videos Pinterest is the place to make fans who will love your pins.

Boards can be broken down into categories created by Pinterest, but named by you. For example, I have a board called Man O’Menswear (clever right), but it is under the Pinterest category Men’s Apparel. This is a place to step outside of the box and show your personally as a brand. Show’em what’cha got little Mama! Pin your life and content away. In order to leave a pin you have to add a short comment. In the comment section add a sexy short url back to your website where they can find out more. You can continue to drive content amplification by allowing your pins to feed directly to your Twitter and Facebook feeds creating seamless integration of your constant online activity.

The big part of any social media community is engagement. So don’t just shout and go home. Engage. Leave genuine comments for the things you love. Re-pin your likes. Creating community is more about being the kid on the playground who wants to play well with others and not just brings his ball for him only. I just discovered the Pinterest App for iphone. They have a version for iPad users as well. My favorite way to share is through my “Pin it” for Google Chrome button, but I am sure Pinterest has a lot more in store for 2012 so catch up if you can. If you’ve already used it for business tell me what you think? We want to continue to find/create ways to connect with our audience. (Photo Source)

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