You work on your curbside appeal before you sell your house, right?

So, you need to work on your brand’s social media appeal- personal and business – before you start selling, too.

Curbside Appeal @GerryMoran Your Personal Brands Curbside Appeal Is Killing You

Think about it. You would never sell your house without making sure you presented it in the best light – mowing the lawn, painting the exterior, and picking up around the property.

The same goes for your small business, big company, and personal brand on social media. When you say that you are able to solve problems with your services, products, or knowledge, then you need to be able to back up this claim with a solid first impression.

The last think you would want someone to do after they check out your profile is snicker, laugh, or wonder if you have the cred to back up your claims.

The Research Shows Customers Are Checking You Out

  • 49.5% of LinkedIn profiles are incomplete, rendering some searches useless (Source: LinkedIn)
  • 72% research vendors on social media networks (Source: Demand Gen Report)
  • 44% find vendors from their friends on social media (Source: LinkedIn)

This personal branding research indicates that your customers are checking you out before, during and after they meet you – whether you choose to participate in an open house or not! Since our profile sort of reputation destination, it behooves you to straighten it up a bit!

3 Key Steps To Sprucing Up Your Personal Brand

1. Fix your LinkedIn profile. At a minimum, ensure you update your photo, value prop-based headline, customer-centric summary, and refreshed job experience all with at least 5 keywords that represent your strengths. If you are looking for the essential steps to becoming a LinkedIn All-Star or MVP, you can increase the chances of setting an excellent impression.

2. Fix Your Twitter Profile. You cannot say you are innovative unless you are on Twitter – especially at a B2B brand. At a minimum, update your photo, include a link to your LinkedIn profile or blog, and include a key word-rich summary in the 160 characters Twitter provides.

3. Distribute Content Representing Your Brand. After checking out your profile, you customers will Google you, so make sure you are active on your key social media channels with relevant content. You want to own the top-fold of the Google search page.

Do you have another tip to make sure people will want to visit your brand? If so, please share below!

The Big Personal Branding Lesson Learned

The big takeaway from your personal brand and native customer behavior is people will check you out and judge you on your social media and digital appearance. The days have passed where you can hide behind a beeper and telephone. Your social media profile is the new calling card. And, your content is the new relationship currency.

You cannot increase the value of your currency until you get people to walk through the front door of your brand. So, get sprucing up!

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