We’re a few weeks into the New Year, and the hustle of the holidays has died down. So what’s next for your online advertising? This is a great time of year for small businesses to refresh their text ads, banner ads, and other areas of their Web presence to make sure potential customers see the latest and greatest about their business. Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your ads are optimized and up to date for the upcoming sales season.

Write New Text Ad Copy

When was the last time you replaced your text ads? Do they still feature your holiday deals? Could they use a refresh? It only takes a few minutes to review your ad copy and write text ads that improve your online advertising. Try adding new combinations of business keywords that you are trying to rank for, or testing out different calls to action. If you’re using basic ad copy, consider using some advanced text ad strategies, like creating a new ad group for a product or service you offer or using dynamic keywords to get more clicks from people looking for specific products or services.

Bring New Life to Your Banner Ads

If you are running a retargeting or display advertising campaign, take a look at the banner ads you’re currently using to drive brand awareness.  Not only should you review these online ads to make sure your business name and logo are prominently featured, but also take this opportunity to update design elements like colors, fonts, and copy so your ads will stand out on a busy Web page. If you are using static ads, consider having new ones made that utilize Flash animation to draw more attention and provide more space for your brand message.  And, because a call to action is an important element for driving clicks from a banner ad, make sure your copy is short and direct and that you use a bold button that asks viewers to click.

Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversions

Your landing page is a key part of your online advertising. And since 43% of consumers think contact information is the most important component of to a local business website, it’s vital that landing page elements like your phone number and a contact form are highly visible on the page they land on. Verify that if your online ads mention any offers or promotions, that you also highlight them on your landing page so that consumers can easily make the connection between your ads and your site, thus encouraging them to convert. If you have the resources, creating a specific landing page for each of your online ads will not only help you increase conversions, but will also enable you to more effectively track the source of the lead.

Track Your Offline Advertising

We understand that traditional advertising like radio, television, and billboards are still important to a local business’ marketing mix. But, do you know how well those ads are performing? Start out the New Year by adding a call tracking number to your offline ads so you can measure your results and really know how well they’re working.  Plus, many call tracking technologies let you record calls, which provides insights into your online advertising, product or service offerings, or customer service that can help you improve your entire business.

What advertising updates are you making this year? And on a related note, what are you doing to make sure the rest of your Web presence reach is as shiny as your ads?