download free white paper momsWe all know that moms are highly social beings. From in-person playgroups to online forums, moms constantly interact with others. Word-of-mouth marketing flourishes in a demographic such as moms, as they share their own brand experiences. This is very important for brands whose target audience is this powerful group.

In a social circle of moms, it’s likely for one person to start to use a service or product and have others follow – especially when it may affect the group as a whole. It may be that they signed up for the newest daily deals site or decided to plan a party online for the first time. Whatever the scenario, if it’s a service that the whole group can take advantage of, brands may see one customer acquisition lead to many more.

There are a number of reasons why just one new customer may open up the door for more to follow. This is especially true for brands or companies that foster a community of members. From online photo sharing services to the local fitness club, both virtual and brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit.

Why would a whole social circle embrace one website or service in this way? Here are 3 reasons they’re likely to do just that, and how it can affect your brand:

  1. It’s used by a trusted friend: Moms may read online reviews to make a purchase decision, but there’s no one whose opinion she’ll value more than a trusted friend. If her social circle approves of a product or service, she’s very likely to try it out. If she hears that her friend had a great time shopping in one of your stores, she may make a visit. Offer a superior brand experience and consistent quality, and she’s more likely to open her wallet.
  2. It’s easier when everyone’s on the same page: Who wants to remember several different account logins just to share and view photos online? When a close-knit group uses the same platform they only have one login to enter, will always be familiar with the interface, and won’t have to keep track of whose photos are saved where. With sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish, it’s easy to access photos from friends and family, as well as share your own. When the brand experience is easy to use, it can ensure more consumers come back time and time again.

  3. It streamlines social events: It can be difficult to plan an event for a group of people – especially a group of busy moms. But if everyone uses the same website to purchase tickets or book a reservation, the process can be streamlined. Planning a family gathering can be made easier with websites like Punchbowl, which offers a convenient potluck signup, date decider tool, and cocktail poll. Offer a convenient way for moms to organize events and celebrations, and your brand will leave a lasting impression.

    punchbowl party planning

This concept of how one new customer can lead to many customers is very important for brands to understand. Even just one very happy customer is a powerful tool in the effort to gain more. One mom’s positive brand experience can be instantly shared on social media or turned into a 5-star online review for hundreds to read. To learn more about the world of digital moms, download our free white paper.

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