Leading an organization affects business operations and the company’s image in the community. A “uniform” can either define your identity or interfere with your productivity. Among this decision-making process is choosing the right uniform brand for the organization. Recent studies have proven that a uniform can help change the way customers perceive an organization.

Building brand awareness is strengthened by a company’s message, which can also be communicated through clothes and also, uniforms. Read on for five ways to decide on the right uniform for your company.

Design and Style

Historically, uniforms have always signified a working class culture. But apparel that is branded stylistically can also create a sense of uniqueness and credibility for your organization while conveying a positive, safe and secure place to work and do business. A branded uniform also gives a sense of respect, and when employees are happy, they transfer this emotion to customers with quality services.

Comfort is Key

Happiness is key to success. There’s many studies that correlate an employees’ emotional state to productivity beyond just physical comfort. On the other hand, there’s a fine line between dressing too casually and dressing for success. Since this uniform will be worn every day to work, employees need to feel comfortable wearing it. The working environment and the physical energy involved that cause employees to sweat is part of the “too casual” work-play factor.

Get Inspired by Today’s Styles

Even with the ongoing argument over whether causal dress kills productivity, it’s still possible to choose a brand name that’s evolving with the market trends. The key is to looking at clothes from both a practical and style perspective. For example, is there an interesting logo or brand you can capture in exciting colors? Can the style be upleveled?

Choose a Trusted Name Brand to Increase Respect

There’s something to be said for a trusted name brand. Trust in clothing according to Hamilton Carhartt, is an investment in self-respect, honesty and integrity. As Hamilton Carhartt, the fashion voice and brand behind the working class has famously stated, “I believe that when a man wears an article that I manufacture, his self-respect is increased because he knows that it is made by an honest manufacturer, who is honest with his employees.”

A trusted clothing line doesn’t just means it can hold up to recurrent wearing, activities and washing. But that it has a direct impact on the accessibility and integrity of your company’s brand and image. Every employee is part of that brand

Choose Quality Against Cost

Quality should be a top priority with the cost secondary. A quality brand means a lasting investment. Cheap stuff, mostly corresponds to low quality. There are several factors that should go into the “quality equation” before finalizing on a decision.

Bottom line — the choice in your organization’s uniform will reflect not only your business brand, but convey the best impression for your organization.