Tru Access Blog - Love Millennial Style Who do millennials love? What do millennials love? How do millennials love? All questions that many organizations and brands have thought about and are seeking answers to. Besides sales, the top success measure for most brands is “brand love”, and the object of that affection is the millennial generation.

How do brands win the hearts of millennials? And does it stop there? Do millennials only love with their heart? An even more curious question to ponder, is do different generations love differently?

There was a popular TV show in the 70’s called Love, American Style. The show was basically a sitcom that focused on stories of romance surrounding different characters with a comedic twist. The show was actually more known for its catchy theme song than its content.

Although I can’t claim to have been a fan or avid viewer of LAS, it was the title of the show that I found interesting… Love American Style.

Love, American Style must be different than Love, Italian style or Love, Mexican style. Different cultures love differently. I get it.

I believe this to be true for generations as well. I believe different generations love differently. I believe there are generational shaping events that have factored in to who millennials love, what millennials love and how millennials love.

There are lists and syndicated research that tells us who millennials love, such as Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres and/or what millennials love such as Google and Apple.

How millennials love, however isn’t as easy as a research pole or survey. Love for millennials is as rational as it is emotional.

It is a feeling that draws them in as much as it is an action that they choose to take. Love for millennials is not dictated strictly by a strong uncontrolled emotion fueled by passion and affection. At least not when it comes to brands.

Love, Millennials Style is rooted in emotion, fueled with purpose and sustained with results. All of these elements are critical to building brand love. One is not more important than the other, they all matter. There is a priority order however.

Love, Millennial Style goes from the inside – out. Start with the emotional connection of your “why”, followed by the intellectual connection of your “how’, capped off by the rational connection of your “what”. This my friends is how you Love, Millennial Style.

“Having the perfect relationship is impossible, but having a perfect understanding is.” ~ Kenny Burns