As you develop messaging for your brand, it’s easy to get caught up in only thinking about what’s needed tomorrow or next week. Day by day. Piece by piece. You’re busy producing the necessities for the client such as websites, brochures and email blasts.

big picture in branding

But if you were to pull back for a bit—and actually look at everything that’s being produced—does it all fall under a single, unifying thought? Does it tell a story? Or is it just a collection of deliverables meeting the daily demands?

At the center or heart of every brand, there should be a big idea. But what exactly is this big idea?

It’s how you ground your campaign. And every part of messaging in your campaign should tie back to that single thought.

Think of it like a trampoline. A good big idea has a strong base you can bounce your supporting messaging off of—and know that messaging will always come right back down to the trampoline. Just like how your messaging should always relate back to the big idea and the brand.

It’s the rally cry for your brand. It’s the easy-to-digest, easy-to-remember thought that your brand can own and your audience can remember—and get behind.

Consider the thought behind Nike’s “Just Do It.” Apple’s “Think Different.” Nicorette’s “Quitting Sucks.” Coke owning happiness. Allstate owning “Mayhem.”

Have a big idea that stands for something—an emotion, an action, anything—and you’re more likely to stand out.

And it’s how you know you’re saying something that actually means something.

If you just have a collection of deliverables that don’t have a unifying message, what are they saying exactly? That you’re having a sale or a seminar? Or you just came out with a new service? Or that you’re better than the competitor?

What if they could say something more meaningful?

You can still say you’re having a sale or that you’re better than the other guy, but that message could be part of a bigger message. A more compelling message. The kind a big idea can give you.

To many, the big idea is an elusive concept. But if you can uncover what your brand truly stands for, you’ll have the potential to build a truly memorable campaign.