Close your eyes for a moment and think about the logo for one of your favorite brands.

What comes to mind?

Is it the logo’s color? Its shape? The design? Or all of these? Most of us typically associate specific logos with specific brands, but what makes a brand logo memorable?

A well-designed brand logo somehow has a way of seeping into the mind, oftentimes subconsciously. Although a logo is purely symbolic in nature, it becomes more than just a symbol for the brand it represents. A logo can influence our perception of the brand, as well as our purchasing behavior.

For these and other reasons, business owners and entrepreneurs understand the importance of designing logos which succeed with their target markets.

Two famous brand logo designs, one eerily similar origin story

Is there a gene for creativity? If so, a lucky few certainly have it.

Take Caleb Bradham, for example. Bradham not only developed the Pepsi-Cola formula, he also scribbled the curvy design that became the foundation of Pepsi’s iconic brand logo.

The Coca-Cola logo has a similar story. In the 19th century, John S. Pemburton invented the recipe for Coke and also created the cursive script of the Coca-Cola logo we recognize today.

Designing a brand logo in the 21st century

What if you want to take a page from Bradham and Pemburton? Can you design a brand logo in today’s highly visual world? Well, if you are an entrepreneur who also has a creative streak, then designing your own logo is an affordable and easy option.

These are three of the best sites online for DIY brand logo design:

  1. GraphicSprings: GraphicSprings provides an easy-to-use, interactive design app for creating a brand logo in minutes.
  2. Logomaker: The people at Logomaker believe someone starting a new business shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to get an amazing brand logo. They have thousands of design ideas their customers can use for creating their own affordable logos.
  3. Spaces: This site provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need for designing and building online business pages and storefronts. This includes a brand logo design application.

A little fun with swapping brand logos

Remember when I asked you to think of your favorite logo? Would your perception of that brand change with a change of logo?

The creative minds of UK-based custom-printing company Printsome recently published a post to find out what happens if you swap the logos of two rival brands.

Check out the definitive “Brand Logo Swap” below. As you’ll see, the results range from awesome to dramatic!

This article originally appeared in DashBurst Magazine and has been republished with permission.