Logo can be a powerful weapon for any brand if it is properly utilized. It is the face or first impression of a company so your corporate logo should be in accordance with the standards. You might have heard a lot about the importance of a well-designed logo so I won’t go into details. Being an online marketer, I can understand the worth of a logo from a marketing perspective.

If the logo’s concept and design is properly integrated, then it can convey your message in a much better way than it is being conveyed through your web page. While planning a marketing campaign for any brand, most of the marketing specialists focus more on website design as compared to the logo. Let’s discuss how a logo can be a valuable part of your marketing campaign:

1. Awareness of your Geographical Area
If you are an SEO, then you must know the importance of geo-location targeting. You need to analyze which market will be best suited for your business. Once you have decided the target market, you should start finding the relevant keywords for the same decided location.

But do you know that your logo has also the power to let your users know about your target market. There are certain factors or pointers that can highlight your target location if they have been used with your logo. View the logos below highlighting Australia as a target market.

Awareness of your Geographical Area

In the first logo, we see that the area between the lady’s arm and legs highlights the Australian map. And in the second logo, we can find a Kangaroo which is an Australian native and its iconic animal. In the same way, you can design such kind of logos for your brand too.

2. A Link Earning Tool
Link building is considered as a pillar of SEO. Years and years, we make our efforts to get links from high authority websites. However, if you succeed in designing a creative and catchy logo for your brand, you will automatically start earning links.

Most of you have found that many high authority design magazines like Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot and others share logo inspirations. What if your logo gets listed among the inspiring logos? Your brand will start getting quality links and brand mentions as shown below:

logo inspiration

3. Brand Extensions
Logo is a branding weapon that can create a long lasting impression on your customers. You might have noticed that most of the companies follow almost same logo format. They just change their colors and text in order to make it different.

If you design a unique and captivating logo for your brand, you can easily stand out among your competitors. And every marketer knows that users mostly prefer the brand that is unique and different from others. All you need is to follow the logo design factors to get an edge over your rivals.

4. Brand Activeness
With the rapid changes in web design trends, the logo trends are also being updated. You need to update your logo with the current trend. Whenever a user visits any website, s/he usually notices if the site is up to the trend or not? If your brand is old and the logo is also out-dated, then you need to re-design it for your users. Let’s have a look at some brands who re-designed their logos so as to prove that their brand is still active and an updated one.

logo comparison

None of us can deny the fact that logo has a direct or an indirect relation with your marketing campaign. It can also assure success for your marketing campaign in the long run.

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