shutterstock_281791049Videos and webinars are now a main driver for brands for leads, sales and visibility. People today are turning to networks to get the latest information quickly, and what better way to offer that than live streaming? Twitter has risen to the occasion with its release of Periscope after the explosive popularity of Meerkat, and there are several strategies you can use to take advantage of this growing trend.

You can quickly connect with your community on Twitter with a live broadcast for your personal brand. This involves creativity, great planning, and execution.

Here are 5 steps to help you get started:

1. Follow other brands in your niche. Not sure where to find the right people to reach out to on Periscope or Meerkat? Both platforms make it easy to search with hashtags, and names in addition to viewing other live streams. Connect with others in your Twitter network and ‘grow’ from there.

2. Research who others are following. Want to see what’s working for your competition? Follow by example of other successful broadcasts that generate the most views and comments, and then create your own unique spin. This can include an event, webinar, announcement, ect. depending on your target market.

3. Use the correct hashtags. Like any branded tweet you will benefit by using the right terms for your topic, and always include either #Meerkat or #Periscope, depending on which network you are using.

4. Send out a broadcast ahead of time – Let your followers know on Twitter and other social networks when your live stream will taking place and where with a call to action that encourages your community to share.

5. Build and encourage engagement. Answer questions and make comments during a live broadcast on Twitter. This way your community is getting the full experience of interacting with your brand in real time.

The world is watching your personal brand. Engaging on Twitter in live stream events not only shows a personal side of your brand, but also attracts more followers who will be more apt to become a customer.