kids birthday party

Kids’ birthday parties are a booming business, whether they’re held at home or at a popular venue. Brands have much to offer both party hosts and party guests, from creative favors to fun gifts and beyond.

There are always new trends that emerge in the celebrations industry. One prevalent trend is the shift to digital. More and more party hosts choose to plan their party entirely online, from free invitations and party supplies to how they book venues and entertainment. In a recent survey of party hosts, 73% responded that they prefer to send online invitations to paper. If your brand offers a digital solution for birthday party planning, party hosts will take notice.

Beyond this shift to digital party planning, there are many other trends in kids’ birthday parties that can mean big business for brands. Here are 3 that really stand out:

Parties at venues: Rather than deal with the time-consuming setup and cleanup of at-home birthday parties, many parents choose to host their event at a popular venue. According to IAAPA, these venues see average revenue of $370 per party – not a small amount when you consider how many parties take place each weekend. To put it into greater perspective, there are over 2,000 party venues in the United States, 22% of which have more than one location. Brands that target party hosts – or the venue itself – have many opportunities to market their product.

Themed parties: While not every birthday party has a theme, the ones that do will leave a lasting impression on guests. When the guest of honor chooses a popular character for their party’s theme, guests may be more excited to attend. In a recent survey of party hosts, 53% responded that their child chooses the theme for their party. With wildly popular themes like Frozen and super heroes, brands are able to tailor their content to attract consumers. The average parent will spend $250 to host their child’s birthday – a number that brands cannot ignore.

Birthday Gifts: Gifts are synonymous with birthday parties. While this isn’t exactly a new trend, it’s one that has been around likely since the first birthday party was hosted! Parents and party guests shower the guest of honor with gifts, whether it’s at the actual party or during a more intimate family celebration. Either way, brands can target this audience of gift-givers. Especially with kids’ birthday parties, brands that offer items such as toys and electronics can see the biggest boost in sales. Since birthday parties occur year-round, it can be a steady source of loyal customers. Average consumers spend $10–$25 per birthday party gift, which is important for brands to know when party guests are in their target audience.

Is your brand a part of the celebrations industry? If your product ends up at celebrations, especially birthday parties, it’s important to stay up to date on emerging trends and proven statistics. To learn more about the impact of digital invites on birthday party venues, download our free white paper.

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