Branding in the modern age is an essential component of any marketing campaign. For entrepreneurs, small businesses, and huge corporations your brand is what people come into contact every single time they think about your product or buy one of your services.

For small businesses, they often struggle to establish their brand and build trust. People don’t form a clear image inside their heads when they think about you. By following these tenets of branding, you can begin to concoct and establish your brand.

Keep it Simple

It may be tempting to try lots of different things at once in order to stand out. The problem with this tactic is that it usually leads to confusing your customers. Don’t try to stand out for the sake of standing out. Opt to stand on one platform and be consistent with that.

Disruptive Marketing

Sometimes you can create a brand simply by disrupting the current state of things. Change the whole playing field by producing something that disrupts your field. This may come in the form of simplifying a complicated process or it may just do what other brands claim to be able to do better.

Your goal is to alter the landscape and force others to change. This will establish your brand as something that has changed the world for the better.

Making a Statement

Sometimes saying exactly the same thing as someone else in a bold way can have huge effects. The right statement is about inventing something entirely new and then promoting it in the right way. This often requires you to know your niche extremely well and to then do something that solves a real problem.

Not only are you becoming a problem solver but you are identifying with your target audience because you are acknowledging the problem.

A Big Idea

Sometimes it’s easy to read guides like this and to walk away believing that you have to target a tiny niche. You have to try to do one tiny thing. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes an awesome way to generate brand loyalty is to wield that big idea. It’s about creating a big idea and being bold. The sentiment alone can convince people to follow you and your progress.

It’s the way that many crowdfunded campaigns have managed to gain funding and customers.

The Symbol

Interpretation is a big thing in business. The way your customers see you is everything. Take a look at a Lego brick. To you, it may just be a brick, but what the target audience has said is that it represents a world of opportunity and possibility. It’s because of what that brick can be turned into.

Think about what your product can be turned into. What is its true value and how can it go about changing the world?

The Meaning

More than ever before your business activities have to have a higher purpose. It’s one of the reasons why a lot of millennials are no longer interested in working with companies that only want to make a profit. They want to change the world for the better and they want their business lives to mean something.

How is what you are doing going to do that?

The number one goal of your company may be to make money and to get you that big house. There’s nothing wrong with that because not every business has to change the world, but it should be a side effect. You still have to explain to people what your company does and why it does it.

Communicate this meaning through your marketing and make it clear that you are in this because you want to change people’s lives in some way.


There’s nothing worse than a business that is clearly superficial. Layers and layers of interest will make your business what it is. Take a look at the fiasco regarding Airbnb’s new logo that came out last year. The identity fell completely flat, but the whole redesign of the brand turned out to be extremely powerful. It outlined the brand’s different facets and it showed what it meant and what it wanted to achieve.

The company may have not had the immediate impact it wanted, but it continued to maintain its market share and it continued to be a success.

That’s because it infused the flavor of the company within. That’s the main goal of any rebrand.


Branding takes time and effort, but ultimately 88% say their loyalty is based on quality. You have to be in this for the long haul. How are you going to make sure that your brand doesn’t fall flat?