The world of Jack Rogers is a glamorous one. Evolved from resort wear on the isle of Capri in the 1960’s, the shoe and handbag brand emphasizes “simple pleasures and vibrant colors.” Of course, any brand that can site Jackie Kennedy as an inspiration is bound to be chic.

The Jack Rogers brand has successfully built a loyal following – both online and off. They have a social presence on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. One best practice that shines through on all network profiles is a strong understanding of their audience.

Focused solely on women’s shoes and handbags, Jack Rogers is in tune with their feminine niche. There’s a section on their website called “The World of Jack Rogers,” in which they illustrate their stylish history, design inspirations and customer photos. Their blog, however, best demonstrates exactly what they’re about – it’s described as: “Musings from the All-American Jack Rogers Girl You Know & Love.”

Jack Rogers effectively promotes their brand on the five social networks mentioned above. After analyzing these profiles, we found three main takeaways that others can learn from. Below we explain what Jack Rogers is doing right in social media marketing:

They embody their customers. Understanding your audience is vital for every brand – If you don’t know who they are or what they want, how can you successfully market to them? Jack Rogers knows that women interested in fashion (and likely from higher income households) are going to compose a large portion of their following. Their strategic social presence reflects this – especially in terms of Pinterest and Tumblr. Those are networks that have a much more niche following. Content from the Jack Rogers Tumblr is shown here:

jack rogers tumblr

They’re not just a brand, but a friend. Social media is all about connecting, and Jack Rogers has created a brand persona that fits perfectly with that idea. Their target consumers want to feel a more personal connection, and the “All-American Jack Rogers Girl” delivers. Their Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter are “run” by her – with Facebook being the only network with less personality. As you can see on Pinterest, they take into account all passions and interests of a “Jack Rogers girl.”

jack rogers pinterest

They integrate social on-site. Along with having the social sharing buttons on their website, Jack Rogers integrates social content on their site. They introduce this topic by noting that “Fans of Jack Rogers are known for their healthy sense of wanderlust.” They encourage users to show them where their Jack Rogers shoes have been by using the hashtag #lovemyjacks. They feature the best submissions on a regular basis on their website, increasing engagement.

jack rogers onsite

Jack Rogers is a unique brand in that they have a clear-cut target audience that is largely socially savvy. Yet any brand can learn from their ability to identify and connect with those consumers in creative ways. If correctly optimized, social media can impact traffic and customer acquisition. Contact ZOG Digital today for a social media optimization audit.