ShesAllThat2My firm and I have been noticing an interesting trend lately. More and more organizations are becoming self-aware and coming to us to update their digital presence and website. They know that they can be doing ‘something’ better, but they just don’t know what it is.

At the beginning we tend to use movies like “She’s All That” as examples. Rachel Leigh Cook’s character in that movie is the stereotypical “geeky” girl in school. Behind the baggy clothes, disheveled hair and clunky glasses, she is actually drop-dead gorgeous. A lot of our clients come to us seeking a similar transformation. They don’t want to be the “nerds” that nobody pays much attention to; they want to be the prom queen that’s dating the most popular boy in school. How, do you ask?

1.  Aligning their offline and online brands

The nerdy girl is the same person on the inside, no matter what her outward appearance is. The same goes for your company. Yes, you may be innovative, great communicators, and a valuable asset to your clients. You may be able to produce a long list of clients who will happily recommend you. But unless those messages are built into your digital presence and website, your outward appearance is still boring.

2.  Shedding the clunky outdated look

A lot of times, there is decent content on a site, but the navigation and overall look and feel are just wrong. Similar to shedding the baggy clothes and clunky glasses, there is typically a sleeker and sexier agency just below the surface. To let out your inner prom queen you may need a complete rethink of your online branding. You need to start selling your agency on what it’s great at, rather than just listing your products and hoping somebody notices.

3.  Using several channels to appeal to their target

These movies always use similar tricks to sell a transformation – usually some combination of slow motion and flowing hair. You don’t need a wind machine to promote your new look company, but you do need to show off your transformation. Press releases, social media and other forms of promotion are a great start in letting everyone know about your new look.

4.  Testimonials and case studies

The other high school movie cliché is the gang of cool new friends our heroine will acquire. You already have that group of great clients, you just need to demonstrate their trust in you. Testimonials and case studies are a great way to establish credibility and show how off your organization’s value.

What we see at the end of these projects are not just new flashy websites. We see genuine results. Our clients are getting increased visits, traffic and leads. Potential new hires are reaching out to them, and in a few cases, they have been approached by other companies inquiring about a purchase agreement.

So ask yourself, is your organization really ‘All That’?