When someone’s firing a weapon at you it’s not a bad idea to blend in to your surroundings. The alternative is dancing in between the spray of the fray. Not even Fred Astaire was that confident. (No, I can’t prove that comment about Fred Astaire. Can you disprove it?)

By observation, it seems like those self-employed soldiers who stepped out of the company (get it?) have unknowingly blended right back in. Just look at how they choose to express themselves? Look at their stores. Look at their advertising. Read what they write. Listen to and watch their media. You’ll find much of it riddled, like your favorite shooting target, with uninspired blathering. Hold it up and watch the light pour through. Clichés abound. The execution appears half-hearted though it most likely wasn’t. The lack of investment or courage to enlist assistance are common causes of amateur creative expression. Lack of ability is another one but that’s the one people like me aren’t supposed to bring up. It makes us look arrogant.

You have a glorious song clawing its way out of your soul. It’s why you do what you do. Stop shrouding it in a covert cloud of mediocrity. Stop saying what everyone else is saying. Stop doing what comes to mind first. The reason it’s on the top of your mind is because you saw it somewhere else. You just don’t remember where.

Stand alone on that hill and unapologetically welcome the shelling. You’ll feel like you’re at your most vulnerable.

You’re not.

It actually has the opposite effect. You become bullet proof.