Recently a client of Networked Insights approached us about exploring a celebrity endorsement and/or a product placement with the pop music star Lady Gaga. So we deployed our social data analysts to look at the Lady Gaga audience and our client’s audience to see if indeed there was a good fit for this brand. As a result we thought this data was so worthwhile that we had to share it with a broader audience in our new Social Intelligence Report on Lady Gaga.

Marketers are aware that for decades celebrity endorsements has proven to be a successful tactic for brands to influence consumer preference. And marketers have also recently seen growth in brands using product placement to influence consumers such as in the upcoming James Bond film, which contains over $45 million worth of product placement. Music videos too have grown to be about a $15 million product placement industry, allowing brands to align their products with artist that appeal to their target consumer.

So we explored the question of; Is Lady Gaga right for your Brand In our most recent Social Intelligence Report on Lady Gaga. In it you will learn more about product placements while a growing trend there are many potentially pitfalls as well. Also with the unprecedented amount of media coverage, access to information and levels of social sharing, there is an increased need for visibility in real-time around celebrities and their associations with a brand.

I hope you will enjoy this report. The world of social media analytics is opening up new vistas for marketers like never before to truly gauge the effectiveness of their marketing and optimize their spending so they can know more about their audience and sell more to their audience.  Indeed we live in exciting times as marketers!