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The threats to your digital brand are increasing every day. Threats from violating PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and cyber squatters of all types are all out to divert traffic and steal from your bottom line. You might just be ready to throw your hands up in surrender thinking that the task at hand is insurmountable. You’ve just hired staff to monitor the web round the clock using such free tools as Google Alerts, but that is costing you big bucks. It is time consuming and stressful for all. This is not a solid plan. With all the threats that your staff is catching, there are as many, if not more threats that are slipping through.

You might see counterfeiters hawking fake Gucci bags and Rolex watches in the busy markets of Bangkok, Beijing and even on the streets of Manhattan, but there is an increasing amount of the same goods being sold online, many times posing as the real thing and being passed off on slick looking websites that to the unsuspecting consumer pass as the real thing. Some counterfeit goods are so real looking that even the most educated consumer can be fooled.

Counterfeit goods concept.

Counterfeiting Knows No Limits
Industries across the spectrum are targeted. Everything from Ski-wear to Sporting Goods to Baby items are being counterfeited. Auto Parts, Airplane Parts, Everything. Hardly any industry is spared. On a mission to protect the brand you’ve spent so much time and money in building, you need to focus on your ROI and what you will gain via the implementation of a Brand Protection tool.

You might be questioning if the benefits are worth the costs involved. I can say that judging from what I’ve seen that the benefits surely outweigh the costs the majority of the time. I’m talking about nearly 100% of the time. Below I will focus on just one aspect where a Brand Protection tool can help you defend against lost sales due to counterfeiting. Let’s not forget that online counterfeiting is just one threat. The right tool can help combat the other threats out there. But, there are too many to discuss in one post.

There are also many ways that online counterfeiters can cut into your sales. But, again I’ll focus on one of the main strategies that online counterfeiters use. That is by diverting traffic.

Diverting Traffic
With the vast number of websites that are legitimately owned by the most popular brands, there are also literally hundred of websites out there that are launched daily, and are set up for the sole purpose of tricking consumers by driving them to their bogus sites and stealing from legitimate brands.

With the 1400 plus gTLDs being released gradually as this article is being written, there is nothing to stop these cyber criminals from setting up a website called and using a variety of different ways to divert traffic. There is also no shortage of ways for online counterfeiters to do this. PPC Ads stuffed with branded keywords, phishing. The list continues.

There is Hope
While most of this post may seem dark to you, there is hope. There is a lot of hope actually. If you’re still not convinced that some sort of brand protection is for you, hold on. Fortunately, you can measure the number of users those counterfeit sites are attracting. You can see the keywords used by the top search engines that send traffic to those sites using a tool like Alexa, for example.

It is fortunate that these traffic diversions can be measured, and you can estimate the number of visitors that are being stolen and heading to the counterfeit websites. You will with some number crunching be able to estimate how much of your traffic is being stolen and come up with a monetary figure of your losses. This will empower you to see which websites are stealing the majority of your traffic and to come to a monetary figure as to how much money you are losing to online counterfeiting.

Then, it’s the Chief Marketer’s job to rally all the stakeholders in the company, and show them the numbers. Showing them how many of these customers could have been yours and the financial figures should be enough to inspire them to hop on the brand protection train. Now, remember this number is just one that will be part of the ROI you’ll be realizing with a brand protection tool.

Don’t let the lack of protection erode your brand’s reputation and identity you’ve spent so much time building. Protect your brand round the clock with a brand protection tool and realize the ROI your brand deserves.

Hope you take some insight out of this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment and share this post with those you feel may benefit.