In Steven Spielberg’s film Catch Me If You Can starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Walken’s character says: “Do you know why the Yankees always win? The other team can’t stop looking at the pinstripes”. Although the baseball reference might have been slightly lost in translation to UK audiences, what it means in essence is that in life appearances matter.

This is a lesson that is especially true in business. If you have an efficient staff, an excellent product and a great price, it doesn’t mean much unless you present it and market it correctly. This is also true about the company itself. If you really want to impress the market, doing it from a shabby trading estate or home office/back bedroom means you lose a little credibility.

However, there is one problem for many small and emerging companies that has to be borne in mind when it comes to office space: cost. This is even more pronounced a problem in central London areas like Victoria. The basics of supply and demand economics dictate that the more people want something, the more it costs. And office space in Victoria is always in high demand.

What this means in reality is that many small companies have to make the choice between investing in the business and acquiring the right post code to create a good impression. In short, it’s a gamble. Play it safe and you may keep the business on a steady footing but it will take longer to make the right contacts and networks to grow the business. Gamble and invest in a Victoria office and you’re in the right place to make things happen but you might not have the available capital clout to see it through.

All of which explains why centrally located serviced office space in London Victoria is the perfect solution to the problem. Professional office space in top central locations allows smaller businesses to be in the heart of the action. They can have the right postcode – the stripes on their uniform – as well as access to the best office facilities.

Meeting rooms allow smaller firms to meet clients in a professional environment, where you won’t have to meet in a coffee shop. Presenting your company in the best possible light and demonstrating to potential clients that you have the necessary professionalism to take care of their needs is very important to securing deals.

The incredible transport links of Victoria station mean you are ideally located for clients and for staff to get to and from work. The train station is one of the largest in the country and underground station links to the rest of London. Victoria has also been designated an ‘Opportunity Area’ in the Mayor’s London Plan, so it’s the perfect time to move into the area.