digital-marketing-1563467_640Your brand image is important to building your audience and increasing sales. Both professional images and videos will not only increase engagement, but will also improve your brand visibility online.

Visual marketing allows you to present a personalized persona to your marketplace that builds trust. Eye-catching videos, infographics, and photos or memes can be fun and informative, and helps you present your message in a unique way.

The Elements of Visual Content

Visual marketing is on the rise when it comes to publishing content, and can greatly increase your leads and growth, especially through social media. The best types of element include:

Factual infographics – These should include eye-catching graphics that clearly project what your topic is about. This can be done through re-purposing old content with the use of free graphics tools online. Infographics can be interactive as well with clickable graphics that take the reader through an enjoyable learning process.

Targeted Videos – This is one of the most popular methods to use to build a larger audience and can be both informative and appealing in a way that speaks to your audience’s needs and desires. Native video directly uploaded to your website and on social media will especially be more visible and garner the most interactions.

Live Video – One of the best ways to introduce your brand’s offerings and draw in a whole new audience is through live events. This can help your brand better connect with your community and show a personalized side to your operations.

Great Images – Professional photos and memes can be shared on places like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and should not be overlooked in your overall marketing strategy. These still gain a lot of attention, especially when they speak directly to your community. Be sure to include some humor along the way and include high-quality images in your posts.

We process images faster than text — this means your brand’s message should be communicated in a much more immediate way, especially with the increased use of mobile. Grab your readers’ attention with a unique, fun and shareable format that will encourage sharing in their network.

It’s important that your brand has a consistent image and matching message in order to stand out from the rest. This needs to be easily recognizable on all platforms including your website and social networks. Video especially is a great tool to use to build your brand story and can help establish you as an expert in your industry.

Make a plan to include visual marketing in order to connect your audience in a compelling way. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different messages and formats until you learn what your audience responds to the most.