With the release of the much discussed Kony video earlier this year, the world was given a lesson in how make a concept go viral within a mater of days. While it may be fair to say that the exact same principles cannot be applied to promoting a brand or product, however, the strategy used incorporated many of the fundamental ideals that are crucial to sharing a message or vision with as wide an audience as possible.

The heavy emphasis on social media marketing and online interaction is certainly ideally suited to viral promotion, as not only can brands reach a wider target market than ever before but they are also able to develop increasingly innovative methods of sharing content. So while the notion of viral marketing is far from new, the evolving nature of technology and media ensures that is continues to grow and offer new opportunities for brand development.

Making Your Brand Go Viral: 3 Tips for Success

With this in mind, how exactly can you make your brand go viral quickly and effectively in 2012? While staying closely in touch with evolving trends and consumer behaviour should be the starting point for any viral marketing campaign, this is just the first of many steps towards becoming a globally recognised brand.

ŸChoose a Target Market: The success of the Kony viral video was primarily down to the identification of a target market, which in this instance was young teenagers with a burgeoning interest in the world. This demographic is also a prominent influence on social media websites, and one that is the most likely to share content with their friends and family. By identifying a demographic of people who will benefit from your brand and develop a keen interest in it, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to turn a national entity into a viral sensation.

ŸUse an Integrated Social Media Strategy: Social media is a malleable tool that is only as effective as the individuals who use it, and maximizing it’s potential as a marketing resource depends on your ability to craft a considered and integrated strategy. A combination of text driven and audio visual sites is crucial, and the most prominent brands have a presence eon resources such as Twitter, You Tube, Facebook and Pinterest.  This not only broadens your potential consumer base, but also increases the number of social conversations that reference your brand.

ŸMake Pinterest Central to Your Brand: Although the unprecedented growth of Pinterest tailed off during May this year, it has remained the fastest growing social media site in operation. Having drawn a staggering 18.7 million unique visitors during March, the outlet is proving highly popular with brands that can rely on visual imagery to promote their cause. Pinterest’s close links to Facebook and other partnering social media sites is fast making it a central hub with the market place, and it can be an effective branding tool so long as users utilize the boards to narrate a story and inspire their followers.

The Bottom Line 

Thanks to social media and an ever constricting online space, viral marketing is now easily accessible to small, emerging and established brands throughout the world. Despite this, however, you must develop a clear strategy to market your brand effectively, and follow this through with determination and awareness of the market as it continues to change.

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