This was always a tough one for me…

All this brand message, vision stuff… I didn’t get it…

I mean what do they expect you to say?

Well turns out you already know what to say you just need to know the components needed for a brand message – which is what I’m sharing with you today.

The first component of a brand message is…


This is where you talk about the objective of your business. What are your objectives and how to aim to achieve them?

What exactly is it you bring to the table? Or to put it another way, what is it that your brand can help with?


The difference between a mission and vision is. The vision is your desired future that you want to bring to reality.

Is a world where everyone has access to water? Is it a world where unfulfilled professionals are now doing what they love? Or maybe it’s a world where no more car accidents happen?

Sometimes you can even combine the mission and vision into one statement. They don’t have to be split into separate sections.

Your Why

Why do you want to achieve this in the first place?

People don’t necessarily buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Your unique story as to why you’re doing it is what will get you to stand out.


Your mission talks about your main objective. Your vision shows the ideal future with the help of your business. But the goals are… well all the other goals you want to achieve.

For example, Uber’s main objective is to bring transportation to everyone, everywhere. But it’s not all the goals they want to achieve. There are other goals they want to achieve such as:

  • Reduce the need for individual car ownership
  • Replace public transport
  • Safer rides
  • Many others

They also make it easy for drivers to make money in their spare time.

So, mention all the other goals you hope to achieve alongside your mission. Because you obviously don’t want them to contradict or conflict with your mission.


What is your big promise? What do you promise to deliver?

The one big promise that stands out from all the other promises you may have.

Quality is assumed, so don’t mention quality as your promise. You need to go beyond that.

Let me help you out here…

Your promise is the result you help them achieve.

For example, lose fat for good and stop yo-yo dieting once & for all.

The key here is to make it unique from your competitors. Everyone has heard of the “lose fat” promise so use your creativity to make it unique.


Combine them all together to craft a brand message that sticks out and sticks in the consumer’s mind.

One tip I’ll leave with you before I go is…

Write each separately, then piece them all together like a jigsaw. It just makes the whole process less overwhelming and helps you stay focused on each piece separately.

Hopefully now you’ll be able to craft yourself a brand message that sticks.