What Is Personal Value Level? PVL

After 2 years of struggle and failure, chasing all kinds of ideas and business opportunities, I finally had a huge opportunity when I was around 42 years old that changed everything for me.

This PVL, directly affects you and the cash that you will be bringing in from your marketing, from your network marketing business, your MLM business, your Internet Business, or even your own happiness.

Even if you have no business, you’re in a job or just thinking about entrepreneurship, this is one of the most valuable things you will learn in life. Period. Owning a business is the best way to get to know yourself and what you’re made of.

It turns out that there is only ONE WAY to substantially increase your financial lot in life. Increase Your P.V.L.

The amount of money you make today is a direct reflection of your P.V.L.

The amount of respect, recognition and rewards you receive today is a direct reflection of your P.V.L.

The amount of how you live your dreams and desires today is a direct reflection of your P.V.L.

The amount of money you make today is a direct reflection of personal value level, the systems you market and promote, power-packed with the right positioning that elegantly positions you as the credible, trusted and expert authority others should look for when it comes to building your business.

Any type of business you do – increasing your P.V.L is the ONLY way to increase your income. It starts with acquiring a skill, and positioning yourself. If you already have an online business then you need to “Position It” so it effortlessly attracts Top Tier Clients & Customers that want to give you the big-bucks that you deserve.

So you can “Beat The Odds” of succeeding in this industry.

Simply put, it’s making you the go-to person in your area of…will help you position yourself as a legitimate and credible expert and thought leader…

You achieve this now by

1. Standing Out in a Crowded Market
2. Become the Go-To Person Prize People want to work with
3. Charge Higher Fees $2,000 – $30,000 and beyond.
4. Create an Expert Positioning Hub

I have people who want to work with me on a personal level all because of my positioning, my marketplace authority and my PERSONAL VALUE LEVEL. The fact is, people are conditioned to respond to multiple modalities.

This means that your prospects are naturally conditioned to be more responsive when they not only read your message, but they hear it and see it as well. And when you communicate with them through audio, and text it creates a sense on instant trust and bonding.

They feel like they know you better because you’ve accessed different parts of their brain. And of course, this means you make more sales….and, therefore, you make more money.

So what you need to do is create value in yourself and in your business that will create, in turn, value for you customers. There are lots of ways to create value, every day I see it on Twitter, Facebook, and other blogs I read. You decide how you want to promote yourself to get to the top of the mountain, offer a value packed e-book, an app, bonuses, advice, and even the product your marketing all have a ton of value just waiting to show people.

There really is not any rocket science going on in marketing online as most Guru’s would have you think. It is about you, and how you’re promoting yourself to your audience, what systems you have in place to move the product, and lastly the product.

Once you have all these key ingredients working together, life starts to change in ways you thought of, more confidence, more dates, more money, more time, more freedom, more everything! Really hoped you enjoyed some of my endless insight into marketing mechanisms that make you a magnet for customers. Please ask questions and comment below, thank-you!

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