Digital signage technology encompasses the entire spectrum of interactive digitally changeable signs of varied sizes commonly seen in both public and private spaces. Signage can include display technologies such as LED, LCD, projected imagery and plasma screen visual displays.

Although not exactly a new, cutting edge innovation, signage has only seen heavy use during the last decade or two in the spectrum of mass advertising and display needs. And it is becoming very popular! As of 2009, annual revenue growth in the industry has averaged more then 30%.

One of the benefits of digital signage is its sheer flexibility and such signs, from one or another of the different display methods mentioned above are used in all sorts of varied applications that include things like advertising, brand building, influencing consumer behavior, public information announcements and sales information display needs among many other uses.

With such a flexible technological platform and so many powerful applications, it’s no wonder that this highly innovative advertising technology could be extremely useful to almost any modern business, digital or physical. Let’s go over some practical tips and reasons why.

Extraordinary Cost Savings

Before we go any further in explaining why or how you should really use signage to promote your brand, we need to mention its enormous long term cost efficiency.

Since this is a completely digitized and highly flexible advertising technology we’re talking about, its very nature allow for endless modification and customization to suit your changing needs. Instead of investing in new advertisements every time you want to promote a different product, product change or a modification to your services, you can simply call your signage provider and ask them to modify your display ads for you at almost a moment’s notice. If you happen to be using your own display systems, the process becomes even easier and more fluid.

Obviously enough, over a longer run, this sort of modification flexibility will garner you thousands or more dollars in printing cost savings.

Extreme Flexibility and Diversity

One further benefit of signage is the fact that it allows you to simulate digital effects from TV or internet based brand promotion campaigns in a completely real world setting that can be applied to almost anywhere, from the inner lobbies of hotels to the sides of large buildings through projection based versions of signage. This sort of interactivity is a powerful brand awareness tool that lets you put out far more detailed and engaging information about your products than would ever be possible with a static visual ad of any kind.

Some Essential Tips for Successful Signage

Keep it Simple

Despite the enormous flexibility of digital signage, you really should not overdo your display ads and completely clutter your message with static. Despite the fact that your signage naturally commands more attention than many static ads, it still needs to get its core message across as quickly as possible since, despite its appeal, people usually won’t have the time or inclination to pay attention for more than a few seconds as they go about their business.

Thus, for each individual brand placement on a piece of signage technology, maintain a clear, direct and brief message in mind and translate it as engagingly as possible within just a few moments.

Focus on a Logo or Key message

Since you can only count on a few seconds to a few minutes (at extreme best) of attention from any one viewer, take advantage of your deeply interactive medium to really get the visual idea of your brand logo or a simple, essential brand message across. Instead of immersing your viewers in details and facts, make them focus on and associate a single simple product message or a visually appealing logo with your product or service. This will stick in their minds more readily and become much more memorable when it comes time to buy the very thing you’re selling.

Create Viewing Value through Real Needs

Another useful tip for gaining brand awareness and remembrance of your product lies in creating a useful viewing experience. Even though your audience might look at your concise ad for just a few moments, you should focus on giving them something to think about long after they’ve walked away.

You might do this by asking a compelling question that invites introspection, or by handing over a certain concise piece of important information within the context of your brand niche. Either way, the basic idea is to create a perception of gained value just from your signage ad alone. By doing this successfully, you will be far more likely to garner remembered interest than any competitor that simply strives to advertise in a normal way.