How well do you know the brand logo of the company whose products and services you use every day? The easier the logo is recognized by their target leads, the better the lead generation campaigns of a company will be. If you want to generate as many qualified sales leads as your business can handle, then design your company logo so that it doesn’t need any words or introduction for your sales leads to recognize you.

How do you get the perfect logo for your company? Follow these few points when designing your logo to help improve your lead generation.

Hire a professional designer.

While you can crowdsource your designs for a cheaper price, remember that the process of logo designing is more than just simply picking an image from a bunch of other designs. Due research and lots of revisions should be made before you choose a final design. Even if you spend a lot of money for your corporate logo, the expense will be well worth it because your logo will represent your company for a long time. Don’t think that your logo can be bought cheap and be easily dispensable. The longer you keep your logo, the easier your target market will recognize your brand as the years go by. Think about it, the Coca-Cola logo, which was first designed in 1885, has remained largely unedited. The company has been marketing the same logo for the past 127 years and has created a cult following for their brand.

Use only a simple design with a few colors.

When you choose your logo, you should be mindful of the amount of colors you use. If it uses too many colors, your sales leads might not be able to associate it easily with your company. Think about the international brands today. When you think of the color green, you immediately imagine a steaming cup of Starbucks’ coffee. When someone mentions the colors red and blue, you think of a refreshing can of Pepsi-cola. Though purple-colored logos aren’t that much in abundance, the color perfectly represents the Yahoo Company. And, a solid blue color reminds us of the social media giant, Facebook. Though there are companies whose logos are composed of four or more colors, the most memorable ones remain to be the two-toned logos.

If you want to have a good lead generation campaigns which significantly increases your generated sales leads, invest on a well researched, professional looking logo that can represent your company for many years to come.

This post originally appeared at Callbox Sales and Marketing Blog