We are now halfway through November and if you haven’t planned your marketing strategies for the Christmas festive season now is the time get stuck in.

christmas market in Rostock (Photo credit: mv_touristboard)

But does the sound of this send shivers down your spine? Well don’t worry too much, we’ve got your back.

We will give you some ideas to put into action to get your social media, email marketing and SEO working for you over the holiday season.

Provide Value:

When compared with all marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, Christmas themed campaigns created less engagement. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use social mediums. If you want to break the mould you will need to adopt a different strategy.

Provide your followers with greater value.

Post useful recipes or gift ideas, show your brand’s Christmas spirit (like the decorations in your office) and encourage your fans to engage with you through competitions that get them to share their experiences. You can essentially share anything, so long as you can tie it back in with your brand.

Build your engagement by using these tactics, then occasionally slip in a reminder about your Christmas offers, this way your marketing messages are more likely to be noticed.

Social Media does influence online shopping habits more than offline habits. PR daily has said: “Half of respondents to the Yesmail study said they are strongly or somewhat influenced by social media when making online purchases. For those shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, the percentage drops to 42 percent”. This means that if your primary point of sale is online, you should be using some social strategies to drive customers to your store.

Send your fans a special offer:

Emailing your database is always a sure fire way to get your promotional messages in front of an audience that is likely to act on it. But despite this you still need to give your fans a reason to act. This will usually take the form of a special offer. But not all offers are equal. PR daily found that:

“Consumers ranked promotional offers in emails by how much they influenced purchase decisions. 54% percent said “personal discount” was No. 1, followed by free shipping (30%), money off (13%)”

This little gem of information should give you something to consider when you’re putting together your promotional emails.

Use SEO to optimise your website:

Tweaking your SEO efforts for the Festive season is definitely a worthwhile venture. Simply because with better optimisation comes

a nostalgic christmas market in Berlin (Photo credit: sunside)

higher organic rankings. This means you need your site to be rich in holiday season keywords. Here are some ideas to help you achieve this:

  • Make sure each of your pages has a unique URL, page title and Meta description that are rich in keywords.
  • Update all of your meta data for your major product categories to incorporate seasonal keywords and information.
  • Use your alternate image tags to include seasonal information and keywords.
  • Optimise your content and product descriptions to include seasonal phrases
  • Build landing pages specifically for Christmas promotions (these can be reused every year)


Focusing your entire efforts on one medium isn’t going to be as successful as taking an integrated approach. It’s fine to pour more effort into one aspect if it outperforms others, or if your customer base is concentrated there. But for the most part you want to be using multiple platforms to get your message across to customers. By doing this, and providing your customers with valuable content you will successfully drive them to your landing pages, and ultimately convert them into sales.

Tracking and planning:

Without tracking you won’t know what works and what doesn’t work. So you need to dive into your analytics before, during and after your campaigns to measure your success.

Before you launch your strategy check where your baselines are currently, you can’t measure progress without a baseline to compare it to. But while you are doing this, look at the stats for last year, are there any clues that will help this year?

During your Holiday campaign you need to monitor your different efforts to see where your results are coming from. If email is driving sales, but social media isn’t you need to determine why this is. Or you can dial back your social efforts and increase email effort. By making adjustments to your campaign on the fly you will be able to focus on what is working.

Afterwards you need to assess how successful you were. Did you achieve what you wanted? What elements did it for you? Then strike while the iron’s hot and start planning for next year. With everything fresh in your mind you will be in a better position to lay the groundwork for next year’s campaign.