Branding With The “C” Word: Cohesion

An important thing to remember once you settle on a logo/marketing angle for your business is that your brand is YOURS and everything you touch should leave YOUR imprint. The reason branding is so important is because once you solidify your aesthetic and message, your brand will do the work for you. For example, let’s say you sell fruit and your business name is Orange You Glad (that’s actually pretty good), and your logo is an orange. After that you have an opportunity and a responsibility to create cohesion throughout your marketing opportunities. Go to street fairs and give out oranges. Instead of pie charts use orange segments in your marketing materials to show how much of the American diet should be fruit (I’m really on a roll here with this orange thing). However you choose to do it make sure when someone thinks of an orange, they think of you.

Use Technological Opportunities To Further Your Brand

Enter Speek. Speek is an online conference call service that works right from your browser. No dial-in numbers and no PINs to remember. Speek is browser-based so there are no downloads for your computer. You can also use a smart phone app (iPhone or Windows) to conference call wherever, whenever and on-the-go. Speek creates an easy way to stay in contact with clients and team members without the bulkiness of traditional conference calling systems.

Once you’re on the call, see who’s joined, who’s talking, and mute and add/remove participants. On Speek Pro, get unlimited callers and new features like call recording, file sharing, and a chat box. Whatever is said or shared will be stored in your call history.

Sure, Speek Sounds Great But How Does It Make My Brand Cohesive?

Instead of fumbling for traditional dial-in numbers and PINs, Speek lets you choose a unique, personalized and memorable URL to give to call participants to connect a call. For instance, use (I’m really running with this orange thing) and create a way to conference call that’s easy to remember, but more importantly creates another opportunity to push your brand and drive it home. Speek helps you communicate with those important to your business while communicating your business to those important people.

Participants click the link, put in their number, and the conference calls them. One-click and you’re on the call; it’s that easy.

To put it simply, the more opportunities you have (and take) to remind people of your brand, the clearer the message becomes. Once your business message is clear it becomes easier to remember and more helpful for consumers. Take advantage of new tools like Speek to create a cohesive brand message that consumers will WANT to remember.


John Bracken is the Co-Founder and CEO of John has played key roles in several of our generation’s most-influential web products, including Evite, AIM, and Prior to serving as CEO of Speek, John worked as a business development executive at AOL where he supported the expansion of the AIM Network to hundreds of 3rd party products and the growth of, one of the largest local media web property in the US. As an entrepreneur, John was a co-founder, COO, and business development executive of, a website that remains the leader in its category.