When creating an effective but robust marketing strategy for your company or brand, it’s absolutely essential to get a creative product label designed by a professional. There are numerous benefits of labeling whether you’re a small business or a big organization, you have to find new ideas and ways to increase your sales.

When a company creates a product and launches it, they want their customers to know how beneficial their product can be to them.

One of the ways to execute that communication efficiently is product labeling. It is one of the ways companies distinguish their products from their competitors. Additionally, it provides all the necessary information to the customers that can either be expiry date, manufacturing date, etc.

A well-designed product label can immensely help companies enhance their brand identity and their message. Below are some key points to keep in mind before getting a label designed:

  • Company logo design
  • Necessary Information of the product
  • Having preference according to client’s needs and wants
  • Brand guidelines

Having a simple label design might not help you achieve your sales target. And it’s important to understand that designing a label can be a tough job. Below we have provided some tips to design a useful label for your business and ultimately help you in increasing sales and creating brand awareness around the market.

Find Out Who Your Target Audience Is

The most effective change to observe is that designing a label for your target audience is different from designing a label for generally everyone. This will help you and your label designer not only with relevant content for your business but also come up with a unique idea for the design to target the audience in your niche to choose your product. Learn to get as much information about your target audience as you can. Their age, location, preference in cuisine, value, gender, etc.

For example, if you have a product that comes under the beauty & care niche, then you should learn that your target audience would most probably be women in their twenties and thirties and that your product would be a success around this target specifically. This will ultimately guide you to design your content in which in return will generate more sales.

Be Specific About The Right Typography and Colour

Label customization is one of the most crucial aspects of designing a label. It feels incomplete to not care about the typography that is used on the label. It ultimately holds the unsaid communications between the brand and the target audience.

Psychologically, the type of font, style, and color you choose would create an emotional bond between the product and its consumers. Try not to settle on the common choice such as Arial, Time New Roman type of fonts. While choosing the style of the font, do make sure it is easily readable with a hint of creative design to convey the product message without having to affect the core essence of the logo design.

In terms of choosing the right color, learn about color psychology in designing a logo from famous and global brands. The colors you will settle down with will have to do a lot in increasing your sales.

Tip: Some type of label design restricts the logo to be printed in color, make sure to discuss the issue with your designer beforehand.

Important of The Right Material

Having to decide what gets printed on the label, it’s equally important to focus on how the label looks when printed as it plays a vital role in forming perceptions about the brand.

Hence, it is better to choose the material of the label before beginning the process of designing. Important factors to learn about are whether your label can get damaged during the shipping process, which can hurt the brand identity, choosing the right facestocks (matte, gloss paper etc) can create a huge difference when the label is printed.

If you already have a design in mind for your label, that’s a good thing and you’re naturally one step ahead in the process or else it’s better to seek opinions from the experts if you’re confused about the label design.

Right Use of White Space

White space is the empty space in your design that can affect your sales in more of a creative way. In addition to the use of typography and colors, having to utilize the white space in your design efficiently can emphasize the used design elements and the organization in terms of communication of the brand with the target audience.

To make their product sound convincing, most companies prefer to put down all the necessary information on their product label. But this concept can only take you so far. In order to make an impact on the audience in the modern world, it is essential to use the white space creatively. This will give your label a rich and classic look and would draw your customer’s attention to the particular elements used in the label.

Learn About Your Competitors

Whether you’re getting your product label designed for the first time or just having a redesign, it is important to follow and learn about the new trends your competitors are following.

Learning about the factors and how they are putting the necessary information on their label, which fonts and color choices they are opting for, etc. Customers naturally tend to be attracted towards catchier products with limited but clean information. Lastly, make your designer be well aware of your competitors and their strategies to design a robust label.

Time to Make The Perfect Product Label

There are very real and effective benefits of labeling. Having a trusted bond with your customers and creating a valuable brand identity are just some to name. It will strongly influence the decision your customer would make to purchase your product and even refer it to others.

A well-constructed and designed label can drive first-time buyers into making a purchase. Make sure to put the company’s logo or name on the label to make the customers easily remember your brand name and identity and help them recognize the product on the shelf next time they see your company’s name.