You may think of your logo design as being quite simple and straightforward but there really is a lot to think about and a lot of different options (including font, colour, tagline and future proofing). Depending on the needs of your logo (i.e. what contexts you’re planning to use it in) can really affect what sort of layout you might need for your logo design.

So here’s my quick breakdown of all the layout options, with the pros and cons of each one.

Icons only logo design

Company logos which are just an icon create a very strong brand identity, and are usually very memorable. However, you do need to be aware of the restrictions – more complex icons can be hard to print on certain materials and might be impossible to embroider (for instance).

Icon only logo designIcon only logo designIcon only logo design

Text only logo design

Text only logos will really emphasise your company name, but they can lack interest. The font choice for text only logos, as you would expect, really is vital – and having some creative elements (whether it’s an usual name or a twist on the design) makes a real difference.

Text only logo designText only logo designText only logo design

Image incorporated in letters

One way to make your text only logo look more interesting is to incorporate images in the letters – however, you have to be careful that the letters really are clear!

Image inside text logo designImage inside text logo designImage inside text logo design

Icon left

This is by far the most popular layout. An icon on the left means your icon is the first thing to hit the eye of your readers, followed by your text. One thing to mention though is that if your company name is relatively long that you might find it harder to fit your logo in certain contexts (i.e. on equipment or labels, or signs) whilst remaining clear.

Logo design with icon on the leftLogo design with icon on the leftIcon on the left logo design

Icon right

Having your icon on the right hand side means that your logo/company name is the first thing that hits you rather than the icon – almost like a full stop to your name.

Logo design with icon on the rightLogo design with icon on the rightIcon on the right logo design

Icon above

Having your icon above gives you a square or triangular sized logo – these can look very good on letterheads, or on websites but this is a harder layout to fit on signage.

Logo design with icon aboveLogo design with icon aboveLogo design with icon above


Circular logos are very popular in particular industries – especially in the food industry where their shape makes them very well suited for stickers. At the same time though, fitting a circular logo onto a pen (for example) really wouldn’t work.

Circular logo designCircular logo designCircular logo design


The most important thing to consider about your tagline, if you have one, is whether it will be legible at the size(s) you will be using it at. As we explain in our how to write a great tagline blog, your tagline should be about 3 or 4 words to hit the maximum effectiveness and be large enough on your logo to stand out. If you want to read more about the pros, cons and considerations of taglines read our ‘How to write a great logo tagline’ blog.

Logo design with taglineLogo design with taglineLogo design with tagline

Sometimes the best thing to do is to see a few different layout options of your logo and think about whether it will work for what you need to use it for.

And always always make sure you shrink your logo right down and look at it from a distance – because 9 times out of 10 that is probably how you’re going to see it!

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