Brand creation is only a step in a flight of stairs of growing a successful business. However, you shouldn’t diminish its importance.

Part of building an online brand is consistency. Because consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%.

Now, you should know that getting traction with your online brand is not a walk in the park.

If you’re next to brands that have years of experience ahead of you, you’re the small guy. And like it or not, you’re at a disadvantage.

That’s why you need to hustle harder.

And you need to understand that branding is more than catchy names and cool logos.

If you want the exact process of creating a memorable online brand, then keep reading as I share with you some of its most crucial steps.

1. Take advantage of color

Pexels / Pixabay

Life without color is boring.

That’s why brands use colors to their advantage.

When done correctly, your choice of colors can increase brand recognition by 80%!

If 10 people visited a store, 8 of them would have you in mind if they see the same colors that you associate with your brand.

The power of color is also how you can persuade people. In fact, the basis of 90% of most people’s judgment is color.

So go ahead and post beautiful images or craft the most enticing words all you want. But your efforts won’t be as effective.

And that’s for one simple reason:

Nothing is more appealing to people than color!

When it comes to choosing the best color for your online brand, there’s no template to follow. Each brand requires a unique approach to finding their brand colors.

However, there are guidelines you can observe to help you find the right one of you.

Read this excellent post by 99designs to get you started.

10 seconds is all it takes for consumers to form a first impression of a brand’s logo.

But according to the same source, recognizing a logo takes about 5-7 impressions.

This means people will find your logo more difficult to recognize if it isn’t outstanding.

And they’ll ask themselves “Where have I seen this before?” about five times first before they can associate your brand with it.

To resolve this, you need to move beyond the ordinary and aim for a compelling design for your logo.

Here’s how:

  • Go for an appropriate design and know where you will use it. If you’re going to use it in print, find out whether it looks good that way. The same goes if it’s for digital use.
  • Aim for simplicity. Fancy design with too many elements will make it difficult to recognize. It will also distract your audience.
  • Use a timeless design. Check out designs of popular brands and spot their common denominators. Then research how you can implement the same trends on your logo.
  • Go for professionalism. Your logo is a physical representation of your brand. If you want to command respect, you need to design your logo with care. Also, choose a clean and decent design.


3. Develop a content marketing strategy

rawpixel / Pixabay

Did you know that you can generate 3x more leads with a successful strategy than with paid ads?

This explains why building a solid strategy is essential on how to create an online brand.

Think about how to produce content that resonates with your audience because that’s how you reel them in.

The more quality you provide, the more likely they will associate your brand with quality!

For what it’s worth, producing quality content for a series of days or months isn’t always easy. That’s why you should choose to make your life easier.

And you can do that by turning to tools that will help track and plan your content marketing.

In this case, use Uberflip.

It can take care of all your essential needs as a content marketer.

With it, you can create customized content experiences. And these will strike up meaningful conversations with your audience.

4. Establish good relations with customers

Quick que

stion: what do you think 40% of companies look for in a brand?

Hint: it’s not something tangible like a logo or website.

And the answer?

“Better human service.”

How your brand treats customers is

arguably the most critical component of your online brand.

That’s why you must create a memorable customer experience.

Respond, accommodate, and answer any questions.

If you can make that happen, then expect your brand to turn heads.

And if you do a splendid job at it, there’s a high chance that you won them forever!

This means they will buy your product again and again!

So start looking into the best platforms to use for customer support.

Here are some of them:


Don’t rush the brand building process. You need to follow a strategy because it’s one of the most vital parts of your business.

If you play your cards well and succeed in building a brand, people will develop a deep level of trust for you. And soon, their willingness to buy your offer will surprise you.