A brand name represents more than your business, it represents your values too.

Your business’s brand name will be the single most important element that makes you visible to your audience. And it’s important that you choose a meaningful and effective name the first time around.

In this post, we’re going to break down how you can create a great brand name that enables you to build a successful business that stands the test of time. Consider these steps to help you choose an awesome brand name that you’ll be proud of.

Create parameters for a great brand name

There are several things that can confuse the process of choosing a good brand name. One is that you’re overwhelmed with ideas and options. Two, you can get emotionally attached to a name even when it won’t work for your business.

It is helpful to have parameters in place to guide the process of choosing a good brand name. Setting some criteria for a brand name will ensure that you’re choosing a good name and will help you filter your ideas faster. Here are a few things to consider that will help you decide whether a name works for your business or not.

Your product or service

Depending on your preferences or the industry you’re in, you may want to choose a name that’s related to your product. Let’s look at reasons why you’d want your brand name to be related to your solution

  • It helps users identify what you do the moment they hear your business’s name.
  • A brand name that tells users what you do will make your advertising and marketing efforts more effective.
  • You can reduce your marketing expenses to educate users about what your business does
  • The right name can give your website and content an SEO signal boost

Finally, it simply makes sense to name your business something that’s related to what you do. You want to avoid giving your business a name that’s from an entirely different field or arena.


When picking a name, one of the most important steps is to make sure that it’s not already being used. There are legal rules that will prevent you from having the same name or a name that’s too similar to an existing brand’s.

You may be able to choose a name that already exists if you’re in an entirely different industry. The important thing is to be aware and to ensure that your brand name is unique and distinct from that of your competitors.

Ease of comprehension

Consider choosing a brand name that’s easy to read and understand. If you intend to work internationally, then it’s vital to pick a name that works in other parts of the world. It should be easy to understand, translate, and leverage.

Shorter names are also easier to work with although using a short name with just two syllables can have its disadvantages. Namely, not having enough choices and not being able to showcase your product or industry in the name.

But choosing a name based on parameters is a balancing act. The guidelines you set are there to assist your choice but not to over-restrict your name options.


It’s important to put in effort into choosing a name that’s memorable. Just picking a name that’s product-related can go a long way toward making your brand name easy to remember.

Again, try to find a balancing point between making a name unique, easy to remember, and one that reflects your product or industry.

It’s perfectly fine to trade off one ‘good’ quality your name should possess over another. For example, you may want to choose a name that’s unique and local to your culture that may not be easy to pronounce or remember. But that’s all right if you’re doing it consciously and are willing to make up for it with other marketing efforts.

Generate ideas

Now that you have some parameters in place, let’s look at how you can carry out the actual process of generating a name.


Get your team together and dedicate a block of time to just come up with ideas. When brainstorming, the goal is to call out and write down any idea that people come up with.

This is not the time to hold back any thoughts, criticize any ideas, or reject any of them.

Simply have a free-flow session where your team gives any and all ideas.

Your goal is to let the collective thought process reach a state of flow and to let good ideas break through the initial unhelpful ideas.


Freewriting is the process of writing for a fixed period of time, say 20 minutes. The important thing is to start writing and not pause, edit, or stop for any reason, even if you make spelling or grammar mistakes.

It works the same way brainstorming does, except you’re writing your ideas out. Freewriting helps you by forcing you to express all ‘junk’ thoughts. Following which your brain is forced to come up with original ideas.

You can use this process on your own or ask each team member to freewrite to generate name ideas. Then use your previously set guidelines to help you find a great name.


How about engaging more of your brain by drawing your name ideas out? Doodling is an effective and powerful strategy that can help with name generation and boosting creativity.

The idea is to simply doodle your ideas into pictures and decorative texts. As you work with your hand and pen, you’ll engage more modalities and use more of your brain. You can come up with inspired new name ideas or get a clearer vision of what the name should be.

Use a brand name generator

Another way to choose an impactful brand name is to use a name generator. There are several great tools available online that can help you come up with name ideas while checking if the related domain name is available.

Using a tool like this can help you automatically generate name ideas while getting the next steps going. A great option is a name generator tool. Once you’ve found a great name, you can easily buy your domain name, hosting package, and set up your business site.

Back Your Name With Action

In the end, the success of your brand name will depend on your products, solutions, and other activities. The word ‘apple’ has nothing to do with phones in terms of a physical or functional relationship. But today, this simple word stands for advanced technology, communications, and high quality.

Your brand name is important but even the best choice won’t serve you without the right actions to back it.


We’ve looked at some helpful things to consider when choosing your brand name. Your business nomenclature will impact how people perceive you and whether they’ll find you online. Choose it with care and your business’s name may become a recognizable and respected brand in the near future.