I had the pleasure of running a personal branding workshop last week at our fine offices in Covent Garden, London. This one focuses on social media and online tools and is aptly named How To Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media and covers the usual suspects of blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as other useful niche tools and networks.    I really enjoy running these type of workshops as in a way I share the strategy and tactics which have worked for me and success stories of others. I also mention the approaches that haven’t worked for me but could well work for attendees.    Thought I’d post up a summary of the workshop on SlideShare (great personal branding tactic by the way) and it got almost a thousand views in a few days, this prompted me to post it here as well. If you have any questions on this workshop or indeed any other branding or social media queries just fire away in the comments below (or tweet me @jorgensundberg).

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