Social media is a valuable — but difficult to master — marketing tool used by business owners to increase their sales and improve their brand recognition. Many marketers struggle with getting their brand recognized online; this is due to a large number of business social media profiles online. Facebook, for instance, has a stunning 60 million business pages on their website.

Chances are, you want to make full use of your social media page and build a profile that is instantly recognized by millions of people. Getting to this point in your career takes time, but there are ways you can boost your brand recognition using your social media pages. We are going to show you some tricks that will help improve your online engagement and make your brand more recognizable.

Engage with Your Audience in the Comments Sections

Consumers love businesses that engage with their audience in the comments section and have a unique personality. What brand comes to mind when you’re trying to think of a company that has a fun and unique personality? Many people associate the person behind the scenes of the fast food restaurant, Wendy’s, a marketing genius.

Numerous websites publish articles on the “Sassy Wendy’s Girl” on Twitter. The person in charge of this account will get on and generally post sassy responses to customers, fans, and trolls alike, and the results speak for themselves, as you can see below.

There are plenty of back and forth conversations between Wendy’s and their followers over the past few years, and all of that conversation helped bolster their visibility. At the time of writing, the official Wendy’s page has 3.23 million followers. They must be doing something right aside from offering cheap hamburgers.

Odds are, your brand doesn’t have a sassy mascot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a valuable lesson from Wendy’s social media marketing strategy. Engage with your audience whenever possible. If you are willing to get down in the comments and talk to the people who have questions about your brand, they are more likely to recognize your company and visit your website.

Share High-Quality Content

We are all hard-wired to remember things, people, and places that benefit us in one way or another. Your social media page is an outlet where you can share your greatest and latest content with your audience. If your content is well-researched, fits the interests of your target audience, and educates or inspires, consumers will remember your brand.

There are ways you can expand your reach for additional brand recognition. If you’re using Twitter or Instagram, make sure you’re using relevant hashtags on your posts. The hashtags will make your posts searchable and improve their visibility. Make sure you encourage your audience to share your high-quality content. Consider that blog posts are among the most shared posts online, and you’ll see why marketers are always sharing out their latest piece of content for additional audience recognition.

Start Building Your Reputation Early

The best way to get consumers to recognize your brand is if you start making efforts to reach your target audience early. There are several ways you can start building up your reputation early.

Start by creating your social media accounts as soon as your site goes live. The sooner you can start advertising and engaging with customers, the better. You can offer polls and surveys that allow them to express their opinion on topics and features around your business. You’ll know what kind of blog posts they expect, where they are in the buying process, and how you can improve the layout and functionality for user-friendly customer experience.

If you want to jumpstart this process, consider creating a coming soon page for your website. You can use this opportunity to start creating your social media pages early and build your reputation.

Master Customer Service

High-quality customer service is another important aspect of earning brand recognition. Remember, customer service is more than just helping current customers who have purchased from your storefront; it’s also the ability to answer and assist customers before they even give you your credit card.

People tend to remember when they’ve had a good or bad customer service experience online. They will often take to social media with both the good and the bad. Good feedback can help build your social proof and builds trust between your brand and potential customers.


As a marketer or business owner, your social media profile is a valuable asset that can help you improve your reach, appear more reputable, and engage with your audience. You won’t have instant brand recognition overnight, but if you use these tactics consistently as part of your marketing strategy, you will see an improvement in your engagement and brand recognition.